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My Novels Are Free From Amazon!

All books are now available on Ko-Fi

Three of my novels were still under exclusivity deals with Amazon, and they are finally free from the jaws of the beast.


Here they are:

Broke and living on borrowed time in a retreat in Costa Rica, Suzie and Clara have less than a game plan. When Richard, an older millionaire shows up, Clara thinks their problems are solved. Meanwhile, the owners of the property sweep a string of armed robberies under the rug. What’s the price of paradise?
Daria is a twenty-something working for “LoveALot,” a dating site in a New York City office. Her primary job? Blocking inappropriate photos sent by enthusiastic suitors. After three years of scrolling through nude pics and harassing comments, Daria begins to question her tumultuous past, her debt-riddled present, and an unclear future.
Peri and Kon are orphans pretending their parents are alive until they’re both over 18. Peri forges notes and pretends her parents have attended school events, and teachers seem to “remember” them.. Kon doesn’t participate in after-school activities, instead taunting neighbor Brenda, an animal hoarder. Peri, concerned that Kon is becoming maladjusted, decides to go on vacation to Nicaragua with him. Will they find a way to move on?

Along with my three other novels, these are “pay what you want” in my Ko-Fi shop!


Thank you so much for reading my posts and if you download one or all of these novels, let me know what you think at!

I am particularly proud of Peri and Kon…it’s got a magical realism thing going on and is just a WEIRD book that was super fun to write.

WGIHR was my thesis for my MFA, so you might see that I’m less…mature, maybe, in that work.

Trust and Safety is heavily drawn from my time in tech, so if you wanted to know about working in tech companies and how sexist and racist they are, give that one a read.

Happy reading!



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