To the 20-Year-Old Female Digital Nomads

Lessons from a seasoned traveler and single woman.

Lisa Martens
Oct 16, 2020 · 3 min read
Photo by Jessica Joseph on Unsplash

People will assume you’re trading sex for travel. Ignore them. Misogyny exists in all kinds of ways.

When a man is a digital nomad, he’s an entrepreneur, a visionary. When a woman is a digital nomad, she just hasn’t found the right partner yet. But you’re not just traveling to find a partner. You might find one, and that would be great…but don’t let people’s pressure dictate the course of your travels. You’re also a visionary.

Turning 30 is not that big of a deal. You don’t really look or feel that much differently than 29. You won’t suddenly shrivel like a raisin in the sun. You’ll still be…you.

Wear sunscreen.

Beware the older dudes who hit on you. It might seem flattering, and you might think they want you for being young and hot, but honestly, you might just be getting the guys us 30-year-old women discarded. In my experience, older men don’t go after younger women for their looks, but also for their low expectations, a woman’s tendency to over-give and over-invest, and for their lack of healthy boundaries. Be always on the lookout for red flags.

All bars are basically the same. Spend money on experiences over getting wasted.

Learn about the cultures of the places you visit. It’s easy to end up in tourist pockets where you just meet other foreigners. You will have to actively try to meet locals and get a more authentic experience…but it’s worth the effort.

Measure your feet every few years…your feet might grow. And one might be bigger than the other. It sounds ridiculous, but seriously, take care of your feet.

If you have a vagina, invest in cotton. Sure, it might look sexy wearing a bikini all the time, but you will get yeast infections like crazy if you’re always wearing bikinis and denim thongs. Get some flowy maxi skirts. Maybe some tennis skirts. Just…let stuff breathe.

You don’t have to keep explaining yourself to anyone. If someone is badgering you, maybe you don’t need to take their calls.

It’s okay not to want what people tell you to want.

Have multiple bank accounts so if one gets depleted, you have a second. And for the love of god, have more than one debit card.

Travel romances are great, but keep your expectations low. It’s easy to have a super romantic week. Sometimes, it’s okay if it’s just that and nothing more. Let things go when they don’t flow anymore.

Do not travel to countries with different cultures and then try to change people to be more like you. If you fall in love with a surfer who never wears shoes, don’t try to turn him into a lawyer. Just go find a lawyer then.

Make close friends whose goals align with yours, even if they’re other digital nomads. Having friends you can talk to who think the same way about travel is important so you don’t have to keep explaining and rationalizing your point of view.

If someone falls in love with you for being a carefree digital nomad, and then tries to change you, tell them to go to hell.

Experiences over intoxication.

We have ways of making money online, ways of communicating, and ways of seeing the world that we never have had before. So if now is not the right time, then when? Then never.

Take vitamins. Get your checkups. Stretch. Seriously.

Unpack right away…you’ll feel more at home if all your stuff has been put away.

Buy food and cook. Go out once you know the best places to eat, but eating out for every meal will tank your budget.

You can make the life you want for yourself right now.

Happiness is not on the other side of anything.

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Stories that cause “concern.”

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“Are you okay?”

Stories that cause “concern.” Feminism. Satire. Humor. Misc.

Lisa Martens

Written by

Books, articles, tip jar.: 📚 Collab?

“Are you okay?”

Stories that cause “concern.” Feminism. Satire. Humor. Misc.

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