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#7 Are You Out There Newsletter

August 2022 — a month of growth

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August would be the greatest month of the year if my birthday weren’t in July. 😆

August is a month of watermelons and picnics. Of swimming and reading. Of sunflowers and back-to-school shopping.

For the Are You Out There family of publications, August was a month of going forward, not backward. Progress was made even though most writers proved to be busy with summer activities. Look at these stats and see for yourself —

Of the 29 stories published in August, here are some of the most popular ones:

*️⃣ Most Views (394) and Reads (136)
The Rock, Otters and the Surfboard Lure’ by Stella Martann
Second Most Views (348) and Reads (106)
‘A Memorial Pool Table’ by Micheal Woodruff

*️⃣ Highest Read Ratio (57%)
‘The Pain of a Ghastly Taleby Gianfranco Vigneri
Second Highest Read Ratio (56%)
‘Diary of An Ordinary Woman’by Saba

*️⃣ Most Fans (31)
‘What Happens When You Find Out Your Name isn’t Really Your Name
by Ginger Cook
Second Most Fans (25)
‘Two Truths and One Lie Has Shown Us How Easy It Is to Fib’
by Klara Jane Holloway


  1. Have I Rocks In My Head?’ started by Graham D. Cooke and Robin Christine Honigsberg spotlights history, mental health, and music.
  2. ‘True Crime Thirst’ is the brainchild of B A Little (Bev) and highlights crime of all kinds.
  3. ‘AYOT Family’ was created by Graham D. Cooke to house all the AYOT family publications. This is the ultimate index for all pubs related to ‘Are You Out There.


‘The Pros and Cons’ hosted a cash prize contest for the summer and it is coming to an end. Whew, that was fast! You still have a few days to submit your entry and you can do so here.


Graham has updated his own Editor profile to note important information for the welcoming of the new editors and hopes that each new editor will take the time to write their own bios.

The people that volunteer their time as editors with the Are You Out There (AYOT) family of publications are quite a fine group of people. I’m proud each is now a friend and to work with such a fine group:

Kathy K editor for Fiction, Short Stories and my #1 that came on first, later creating and managing two affiliate publications Imaginative Fiction Out There and The Pros and Cons (the AYOT contest pub);

Ginger Cook, editor for Travel, Outdoors and our Facebook Manager, who later created the Drop A Line publication that publishes many extras too;

B A (BEV) Little, editor for Life — no pun intended, Bev — and our Twitter Feed Manager, who has created the Read All About It (geared to the consumer public) and, also, the True Crime Thirst publications;

Doa Demir, our Poetry editor, who also moved into the Managing Editor role with the AYOT Poetry Corner publication, is presently on sabbatical, as she’s starting into her new career in the Australian FinTech industry, while still finishing university;

Elizabeth Emerald took the plunge into editing long ago, including later with myself in the BMG Productions publication keeping me in check;

Kimberlee Jakobe, volunteered as our first editor with our IzThatSo politics & opinion publication, and to manage the AYOT family’s publications’ layouts — she came on a while ago after having started her Write Out Loud pub’ but is now on an extended sabbatical;

Gianfranco Vigneri (GFV), whom I’ve known for some time, has volunteered as a part-time editor with the IzThatSo publication and is a very welcome addition — welcome on-board GFV; and,

Robin Christine Honigsberg, a fellow Canadian in Montreal, has recently volunteered to come on as an editor with the AYOT publication family.

Though Robin is currently focusing her efforts in the newly AYOT created pub’, Have I Rocks In My Head, especially with publishing her own This Day in History series, she will be helping in a number other publications, also.

I enjoyed previously working with Rabih Borgi and Ann Christine Tabaka as editors, and I thank them for their involvement with the AYOT family.

Source: Rockin’ the Short Editor Bio(s): Graham Cooke

That’s it for this time, hope to see you at the end of September for more news about Are You Out There and the family of publications!

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