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Are You Out There

Authenticity Is Her Golden Rule Book

That’s when the magic happens

A gorgeous woman, slender figured with long blonde hair, adorned in a sexy blue skimpy dress and gems of blue and gold, including her jewelled crown and face mask.

My 600th piece published on Medium and I think she has risen to the cause.

She was a lace filigree in an ugly situation,
Attempting to place her best foot forward in delight,
Meandering along the river of feelings,
Determined to keep the positive analogies in sight.



Are You Out There publishes on Out There topics (outdoors & travel with all the related gear, and opinions), Life (anecdotes, culture, food, cooking & health), Poetry, Short Stories (fiction, non-fiction & true events) and so much more — S’more (helpful tips and hints).

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Colleen Millsteed

Top Writer in Poetry. I’m a Finance Manager with a love of both numbers and words.