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Have You Noticed the Name “Tom” Gets a Bad Rap in Many Sayings?

Peeping Tom, Tom Cat, Tom Foolery, and more.

tiger stripe cat

Talking with a friend the other night about a guy she met online she said, “I can already tell he’s a Tom Cat.” What does that mean?

Using it as a verb it’s defined as:

Pursues women promiscuously for sexual…



Are You Out There publishes on Out There topics (outdoors & travel with all the related gear, and opinions), Life (anecdotes, culture, food, cooking & health), Poetry, Short Stories (fiction, non-fiction & true events) and so much more — S’more (helpful tips and hints).

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Klara Jane Holloway

I write about my experiences in life. Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring! And, I now have top writer status in “Life”.