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How Our Wildlife Suffers From the Use of Plastic Grocery Bags

Are You Out There May Nonfiction Contest

a pile of junk and Trash from litter bugs
Photo by Kathy K — This is your writing prompt for May 2022 Are You Out There Writing Contest

Scientists estimate it takes 400 to 1,000 years for a plastic grocery store bag to vanish. Since they were introduced in the 1930’s it’s hard to determine for sure. Many are still here on earth in our landfills.




Are You Out There publishes on Out There topics (outdoors & travel with all the related gear, and opinions), Life (anecdotes, culture, food, cooking & health), Poetry, Short Stories (fiction, non-fiction & true events) and so much more — S’more (helpful tips and hints).

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Klara Jane Holloway

I write about my experiences in life. Some mundane, some sad, some funny, and hopefully none boring! And, I now have top writer status in “Life”.

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