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Kiss me… I’m Irish!

I’m from the only Island in the Caribbean that celebrates St Patrick's day

2019 Selfie IG Photo of me

You can choose to be lucky and blessed like the Irish🍀

Why not ❓

Why did THEY corner the lucky market ?💰

So😅 let's drink & be merry for NO good reason!!🎉

I’m proclaiming luck and blessings but not just for me, for EVERYONE reading this. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

I was born lucky in Brooklyn and raised in Paradise in Montserrat which they call “the EMERALD ISLE “🍀 of the Caribbean. 🌴

Where I'm from is the ONLY island to celebrate & go hard for St. Patrick's day. Google it.

We are living it up right now 🎉

Cuz Irish people first arrived on the island in 1632 and people of mixed race with Irish descent still live on the island of Montserrat.

#irishheritage #kissmeimirish 💋

What would you prefer …to be showered with blessings or bathed in Luck ?😍

The purpose of my whole life is to have fun…fuck the rest, this is how I stay lucky. I mean, what are you waiting for?!

We all are going to die and that’s a FACT. So we might as well have fun while we are alive or die trying.🤣

Written drunk as fuck at 10pm🥂…with wayyyy too many emojis🤣

Happy St Patrick’s day!🍀

Photo of me wearing my lucky Irish flag scarf


More about me and a map of where I’m from here:



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