Are You Out There
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Are You Out There

She May Give Off The Scent Of Defeat

But I caution you all the same

A woman in white, long dark hair flowing as she stands in the rays of moonlight, while scattering stars across the dark blue night sky.

She showers in your anger, maturing with each scold,
Beware of your unfairness, she’ll not tolerate torture uncontrolled,
When she bows under her morality, she’ll always agree,
But if you’ve erupted like a volcano, she’ll soon turn tail and flee.



Are You Out There publishes on Out There topics (outdoors & travel with all the related gear, and opinions), Life (anecdotes, culture, food, cooking & health), Poetry, Short Stories (fiction, non-fiction & true events) and so much more — S’more (helpful tips and hints).

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Colleen Millsteed

Top Writer in Poetry. I’m a Finance Manager with a love of both numbers and words.