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503 people still waiting for a safe harbour /// Statement from Spirou Trikoupi Squat, Athens /// Updates from Greece, Bosnia, Cratia, Austria, Sweden, Denmark…

(Photo Credit: No Borders Network)

FEATURE — 3 people died attempting to reach Europe

No Borders and Aegean Boat Report state that a young man of 31 years old has drowned having fallen into the sea off Chios.

At 6am on the morning of the 13th of August, 43 refugees landed at Parpanta area, west of Strovili island, Chios north. The young man reportedly fell into the sea only 600 metres from land and was later found to have drowned. among the survivors are 21 men, 13 women, four of whom are pregnant and one whose leg has been amputated, and 8children.

Multiple groups have denounced this death as preventable.

This is torture. There is just no mercy on these innocent people who have already suffered in their homelands. — Ruhi Loren

Finally, and most importantly, we want to send our sympathy and hearts to all of his family members and friends. We don’t know him like they all do, we have never shared with him what they have and we can’t miss him like they will… all we can do is stand together as one, united by love and humanity.
Peace x — CERST

Another young man has also been found dead in a small dingy off the coast of Malta. The cause of death is unknown, there was only one survivor who was in a critical condition and was collapsed on top of the body of his dead friend. There was no food or water found on board. It is not known if there were originally more people on the boat.

A young woman lost her life in the Channel. As reported by Calais Migrant Solidarity, on Friday, 9th August, a group of people in a dinghy were rescued by a RNLI boat, off Ramsgate’s coast. 2 persons were overboard but were quickly found, but another one is still missing. A search was carried on until Saturday 2pm, in vain.

Between January and July 2019, 838 people lost their lives in the Mediterranean in a desperate attempt to reach Europe. Saving lives and guaranteeing immediate assistance to those facing these dangerous journeys must be the priority. (UNHCR Italia)

We all long for a time when we will no longer have to report on deaths at sea directly caused by EU policy, but until that time we recognise that this our fight, that decision makers cannot be trusted to put people’s lives first, and that we must not be silent. No more deaths at sea.


After four rescue operations in four days, the Ocean Viking is carrying 356 vulnerable men, women and children

MSF and SOS MEDITERRANEE expect European authorities to follow international law and promptly assign a place of safety for the disembarkation of all on board the Ocean Viking

Ocean Viking and Open arms vessels are still hosting 507 people while EU governments close there ports to those in need in direct contravention of International Law. The 151 people on the Open Arms have been at sea for 13 days now. Multiple groups and authorities have called for this situation to end but such requests are still being ignored.

Two twin babies were evacuated with their families due to respiratory problems. They are now in Lampedusa.

10 people were intercepted after arriving in Menorca, Spanish Island. Local media report that minors will be taken care by the Department of Social Care of the island, while adults will be sent to a detention centre on the mainland.



Aegean Boat report states that four boats arrived on the Greek Aegean Islands today, a total of 161 people.

First boat landed in Eftalou, Lesvos north 06.00 carrying 12 people — 5 children, 4 women and 3 men.

Second boat landed west of Strovili Island, Chios north 06.00 carrying 44 people - 8 children, 13 women, 21 men and the young man who drowned before arrival.

Two boats arrive on Samos this morning. 1 carrying 45 people and the second carrying 47 people. No further information available.

Also two people, a man and a woman arrived on Kalimnos, supposedly by jet ski 07.30. No further information available.

Local sources reveal that 33 people arrived on the island of Samotraki. The island has been cut off from the mainland for a few days now, due to ferries being out of order and wildfires. Police ‘accommodated’ them in an abandoned building, which they had to clean and organise themselves.

Meanwhile, illegal push backs continue to take place at sea.

According to Mare Liberum e. V. in August, 2.198 ppl reached the Greek islands while the #TGC stopped almost 1.400 refugees.

#Migration can neither be prohibited nor stopped. We need a #SafePassage. For the right to #Migrate.


Attika Human Support have asked people not to donate dirty and broken clothes.

(Attika Human Support)


Calls for Solidarity against Plan to Evict 23 Squats within 15 days

Local media report that Athens Mayor Kostas Bakogiannis and Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis have announced a plan to evict 23 squats in Exarchia, 12 of which house refugees and the rest political collectives.

Spirou Trikoupi 17 have published a statement and ask for solidarity in the coming weeks.

The last weeks, after the elections, we are witnessing the development of a more totalitarian and far right state, that threatens the existence of our self-organized and free structures, as well as the life of the most poor and oppressed parts of this society. The new government started from the very first day showing its real face by taking control of the medias, disestablishing the ministry of migration and transferring its jurisdiction to the ministry of public order, under the authority of the police. They continued with massive arrests of people without “legal” papers, they strengthened the borders controls, pushing back to Turkey “illegally” people, and they banned the access of refugees and migrants to the national health system, by not providing them the social insurance number that it is needed. This also have immediate consequences to the access of the children to the education system, that without vaccines they are not allowed to attend the school. One other dimension of the same policy concerned Exarcheia and all the structures of this neighborhood that they are against this rotten, hierarchical and corrupted system. Their plan is to gentrify and take control of the only place in Athens that still resists. Immediately they attacked two refugees’ squats, Notara 26 and Hotel Oneiro, trying to cut down the water and the electricity forcing hundreds of people being scared for their lives and freedom.

In Sp. Trikoupi 17 we brought back life to a totally abandoned building that was empty for 15 years. We started from building bathrooms and separating rooms, we managed to create a classroom and a playground for the children, educating and making their lives more colorful. We created a self-organized space with a weekly assembly and working groups, that we all are taking decisions about our common life and our struggles, with antiauthoritarian, antiracist and feminist values and principles.

From our side we are in solidarity with every self-organized structure, squat or social space that keeps on struggling and fighting for a different and better society. A society where solidarity, equality and self-organization will be its principles and high ideals. We will not surrender, we will resist against the appetite of the state to exterminate and extinct us.

We ask for your real and active solidarity as you were showing towards us all these years. In this battle we must stand all together, united for our ideas and against every inhuman repression mechanism that is trying to struggle us. We ask for the support of the society, the neighborhood and the political collectives who are standing next to us.

Your repression shall not pass

You can’t evict a movement

We will resist together, alive and free

Solidarity will win


Smoke from Wildfires causes Concern at Skaramangas Camp

UNHCR Accommodation Report

UNHCR’s July Report regarding their ESTIA housing which is running at 98% occupancy. They state there are currently 14, 029 people housed through ESTIA in Athens alone. There is no mention of the eviction process or the impact of this process on individuals and families made homeless.


Mission Lifeline concerned about fate of those disembarked on Malta


Update from Vucjak


More evidence of the brutal methods of Croatian police

This young man was trying to cross from Bosnia to Croatia.

The police shot him six times, but missed him. Shots were directed to his legs. They released dogs against him, resulting in his legs being seriously bitten. Police stole his money (300 euro) and 12 cops beat him, using electric batons as well. They threw his power bank away and broke his phone. After having being pushed back into Bosnia, he was not able to have his wound checked, as he was refused entry at the hospital in Bihac.

Read more (in Italian) HERE.


Close ‘return centres’ campaign

Today over 120 prominent figures and organisations from arts, culture, science and civil society have launched a joint statement to demand the closure of the Austrian “return centres”. You can find the statement (in German only) HERE.

Deportations to Afghanistan scheduled for September

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna inform that the Next charter flight to Afghanistan is set to leave on Tuesday the 3rd of September at 9.40pm. On this flight FRONTEX will deport Afghan nationals from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Austria.


‘Confessional limbo’ for man in detention

Local media outlets report about Abbas, who has been kept in detention for 127 days now. He was confirmed in the detention facility, probably as the first Afghan convert ever. The Afghan authorities refuse to accept him back since he has converted from Islam to Christianity. At the same time, the Migration Agency doesn’t believe he actually is a Christian and therefore they refuse to grant him protection. In the meantime, Abbas remains in limbo.


A Solidarity camp at Ellebæk deportation centre will be held from Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September. Read more (in Danish only) HERE.

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Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

Are You Syrious?

Written by

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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