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AYS Daily Digest 18/2/19: Civilians targeted in Idlib, reasons to flee

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Are You Syrious?

Feb 19

New arrivals in Greece // “the Cemetery of the Unknown” in Tunisia // bone examinations of asylum seeking children in France // prison time for deportation whistle blowers in Germany // and so much more…


Another reminder of what too many people must flee from:

16 civilians were killed and 85 injured in Idlib City Monday afternoon. The regime’s forces are targeting civilians. Photo by Syria Civil Defense — The White Helmets
“ A child has been killed after an attack by regime’s forces w/cluster bombs targeting Deir Al-Sharqi village eastern of #Idlib.” Photo by Syria Civil Defense — The White Helmets

In response to suspected announcements of defeating the Daesh Caliphate expected by President Trump:

What’s happening now in #Idlib is a real war. A rain of bombs is threatening the lives of millions. If you think it is over, you are wrong — Abdulkafi Alhamdoteacher and activist


Alarm Phone has started a crowdfunding initiative to help “ the Cemetery of the Unknown” in Zarzis/Tunisia. Chamesddine is a local fishmen who buries bodies that have washed up on shore in a dignified way because

“I can hear their souls crying.”

Please find the crowdfunding here to support this cause, bringing back some sense of final dignity.



A few days ago a Nigerian man was murdered in Omonia by the Greek police. His name was Ebuka and he was the father of two children, including a newborn baby. The United African Women Organization in Greece demands justice and states that police brutality against Africans in Greece is all too common.

Boats are again starting to make the dangerous trip to the islands. According to ABR:

→Eight boats started the trip on Monday, with a total of 317 people

→Only five boats arrived, with 165 people

→Two boats arrived on Samos with 103 people (First boat- 60 people;
Second boat- 43 people; no breakdown for both)

→Three boats arrived on Lesvos, with 62 people (First boat- 5 people and no breakdown; Second boat 27 people with 11 children, 6 women, and 10 men; Third boat- 30 people and no breakdown)

→ Which means 152 people were arrested by the Turkish Coastguard

Photo by Aegean Boat Report

FEOX rescue team on Chios needs help supporting their accommodation house which is currently helping a young woman with thyroid cancer. Find out more here.

Stand Up for Refugees desperately needs a translator for English/French who can finance themselves in the hospital on Samos. Learn more here.

Hoping to deal with trauma in an appropriate and safe way. MSF psychologists helping children express their thoughts. Photo by MSF Sea

Balkan Weather


Predominantly sunny and relatively warm for this time of the year. Fog during the morning in the basins in the north. Weak to moderate wind from changing directions. Lowest temperatures from -5 to 6 and highest during the day from 7 to 18 degrees.


Light frost and fog in the morning. During the day predominantly sunny. Weak to moderate wind blowing from the southeast and turning northwestern in the course of the night. Lowest temperatures from -5 to 3 and highest during the day from 12 to 16 degrees.


Predominantly sunny, moderately cloudy in the course of the afternoon. Fog during the morning in the northern basins. Weak to moderate wind from changing directions. Lowest temperatures from -6 to 6 and highest during the day from 6 to 18 degrees.


Predominantly sunny with the possibility of short periods of fog. Inland, increasingly more cloudy from the north. Mostly weak wind and along the coast a weak to moderate wind blowing from the northwest. Lowest temperatures from -3 to 8 and highest during the day from 11 to 15 degrees.


BASIS Bosnia recently discovered that some of the people that they have been helping were involved in damaging a local’s house. They are very sad after hearing this and are talking to all parties to find a solution. Read more here.

“Entrance to the city of Bihac…why can’t institutions in charge at least prevent such scenes?” Photo by UskDanas


A new bill from the far-right Horst Seehofer (Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Homeland) could punish anyone who leaks information about deportation flights from Germany with up to three years in prison. Find out more here.


Lawyers without Borders is strongly urging the Constitutional Council to understand how bone examinations of asylum seeking children to determine age is fundamentally against the rights of the child. The Constitutional Council will consider the issue on March 14th. Find out more here.

Solidarithé is looking for volunteers in Paris! They need people to help with ground support for refugees forced to live in the streets. Find out more here.

Want a detailed depiction for Paris, 2019? Look here.


No Name Kitchen has provided an update on the Solidarity Routes’ last meeting, saying:

“We want to highlight one of the events which was very special for many of us: the 6th March for Dignity in Ceuta, demanding justice for the 14 migrants who died in El Tarajal.”

“It does not matter how you look at it: push-backs are illegal”

Find out more here.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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