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AYS Daily Digest 22/2/19: Cries for help from behind the bars of detention centres

A growing number of calls for help from detention centres, denouncing violence and maltreatment / Baobab group in Rome asks for protective measures for migrants lacking basic mechanisms of international protection — video / more news

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- a pregnant woman put in solitary confinement
- five attempts of suicide this week in the detention centers in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Coquelles
- a 2-months pregnant woman miscarriages in Metz
- daily violence in the center of Hendaye
- people with psychiatric problems in all detention centers

The facts are serious.

A call for help from behind the barbed wire of the administrative detention center (CRA) of Coquelles in the region of Pas-de-Calais reportedly arrived earlier this week saying:


The Sea-Watch 3 had been stuck in the port of Catania, Sicily, since 31st January, after having disembarked 47 people rescued on the Central Mediterranean Sea.

Our crew is looking for protection from a heavy storm in the coming days. — sea-eye



People are still arriving on the Greek islands, with a steady daily influx.

Horrid conditions in detention centres, more calls for help

In the prison they gave us nothing, no blanket, no pillows, no beds, we were lying on the floor like corpses. They didn’t even give us the clothes that was brought to us from solidarity. Not even toilet paper. From the donations that come for us, the cops keep the good stuff, they give us the rest. They put gloves on to touch us women or people of color, saying we are sick. The cops are so racists, the prisoners suffer from this a lot.

Find the full text about the fate of a detained woman in Greece and a link to the fundraiser for her legal aid — here.



Umino team reports: Nearly 50 young people populate the collapse of endangered ruins. Most of them have been here for many months.




On March 16, the demonstration of international day against racism will take place at 14h:


Baobab speaks up

Members of the Roman activist network that has been working, assisting, taking care of and fighting for the refugees neglected by the system in Italy have held a press conference to explain and denounce all the problems people are facing in reaching the basic mechanisms of protection in Italy.

Riot in Brindisi

About 70 boys are protesting having been told to leave the reception centre in Via Provinciale. The authorities have decided only 91 people can fit in and stay in the centre. The others, as required by regulation, ‘should be removed’. At first the boys barricaded themselves inside the walls, but following an intervention by the police, everyone went out onto the square where they decided to stay until a solution could be found. “Either everyone inside, or nobody” they say. It’s a tight situation between the law enforcement and migrants who have decided to remain united. Meanwhile, the temperatures have dropped, and nobody wants to leave 150 people out in the cold. The dormitory doors remain open, but with only 91 beds.


How to reach out and apply for international protection?
The realities of the system…

Points of view — by Migrations en questions


“I deeply admire and appreciate her efforts”

An Afghan migrant in Germany is willing to pay a fine imposed on activist Elin Ersson. The Swedish activist was charged with violating aviation law after keeping a plane from departing with an Afghan deportee on board.



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