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AYS Daily Digest 23/4/20: Will Austria be deporting to Serbia?

The Netherlands refuses to take in children from Greek camps / Additional dangers of confinement in times of pandemic / Court ruling in Germany in favour of people in asylum centres being allowed to leave if centres don’t respect physical distancing during coronavirus / Denmark sending financial support to minors in Greece


A secret agreement signed between Austria and Serbia a year ago, on April 24, 2019, has caused some excitement in Austria in recent days as details only became public knowledge through a parliamentary inquiry which was answered by the Interior Minister Karl Nehammer. The agreement allows Austria to send refugees whose asylum applications were turned down in Austria to Serbia if “sufficient connection to Serbia” can be established, independent of their country of origin.


Lesvos — While some get shot at, others fear going for food

The two people who had been shot while the recent peaceful protest was on, were reportedly shot about seven kilometers away from Moria, with a hunting rifle. They claimed they had been “going for a walk,” unrelated to the events at the camp.

Thessaloniki — fines issued to homeless people

Many fines have reportedly been issued to homeless people across Thessaloniki due to breaking the rules during the coronavirus pandemic, Mobile Info Team reported. At the same time, we hear that the police in different areas have been allowing people to gather in small churches for worship, thus bringing into danger everyone they later meet, with no warnings or precaution from the authorities.


Forcing deportations, regardless of what others think

The minister of security of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced at the press conference that the plan to deport migrants currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina is ongoing. He stated that “many of those people are terrorists sleepers and that almost everyone hides their real identity”. Therefore, Bosnia and Herzegovina intends to deport all of them, and he said that, instead of providing funds for keeping the people inside the country, he wishes the EU would help them send those people back. He is aware that “some countries in the EU might not be in favour” of his idea, but that is the official plan. He also stated that the Pakistani ambassador will be named persona non grata because he seems to be against the idea. The Bosnian “diplomacy” is yet to receive any real criticism from the international community, and it will be interesting to see which country or organisation will feel blameless enough to point their finger first… The situation for people on the move across Bosnia and Herzegovina has only been worsening, if that is still possible, and we hope that the support for the opening of the Lipa camp in the middle of nowhere will not be considered the maximum the international community can do and the optimal solution for all those people stuck in the area.


News from the European courts say that, according to the Advocate General , the accommodation of asylum seekers in the Röszke transit zone at the Hungarian-Serbian border must be classified as ‘detention’. Read more here.


Quarantine at the reception centre in Bremen

The whole reception centre in Bremen is in quarantine now, after 120 of 370 residents were tested positive for Corona. A total of 69 tests are still pending. Authorities still refuse to close the camp, although a couple of people have reportedly already been transferred to other locations.

Der fehlende Abstand wird zum tödlichen Risiko

Er wurde 60 Jahre alt, hatte mehrere Vorerkrankungen und gehörte damit zu den Risikogruppen, die es besonders zu…

Court rules social distancing must be respected in centres

It is a groundbreaking decision, which the Leipzig Administrative Court made on 22.04. In a press release, the court announced that the social distance regulations of the Saxon Corona Protection Ordinance must also apply in reception facilities. In other words, an asylum seeker should be allowed to leave the holding centre where he was staying after he argued it was too crowded to respect coronavirus distancing rules, a decision refugee campaigners in different sides called “ground-breaking”.


Refusing to take in unaccompanied minors

The Netherlands has refused to take in any of the children, despite repeated appeals, and the willingness of 43 separate local authorities to house them.
Over 100 politicians, celebrities and local authorities have urged the Dutch government to take in some of the 2,500 children who are living in squalid refugee camps on Greek islands without parents or guardians, Dutch media report.


Supporting the children stuck in Greek camps

On the other side, in order to establish housing and better conditions in general for unaccompanied minors and children across Greek camps, Denmark is sending DKK 22.4 million directly to Greece, as Danish sources report. The money will go towards improving the conditions of several thousand unaccompanied children in the country, as announced by the Danish Minister of Development Rasmus Prehn.

First cases of coronavirus in asylum centres

The corona virus has been detected for the first time at an asylum center in Denmark. This is stated by the Immigration Service in a press release. Two residents of an undisclosed asylum center have been tested positive.



Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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Are You Syrious?

News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.