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AYS Daily Digest 23/7/20: Greek Camps on Lockdown until August 2nd

Greece prolongs lockdown / Libya continues “concentration camp-like” treatment / Another criminal charge filed against the Croatian police / Morton Hall Detention Centre closing / & more news from the field

FEATURED — Greek Camps on Lockdown Until August 2nd


More worrying news:



Directly from the Victoria square in Athens,

A group of seven Greek racists attacked a Danish man of Afghan origin and his friends last week.

No Name Kitchen reported on the situation in Patras:



Another criminal charge filed against Croatian police


A precedent for ending illegal chain pushbacks?


La realtà libica raccontata attraverso un rapporto sugli interventi finanziati da fondi AICS nei…

Il 15 luglio nell’ambito del progetto Sciabaca e Oruka è stato pubblicato dall’ ASGI un interessante rapporto sugli…

Salvini: Open Arms decision July 30

Signez la pétition

0 a signé. Prochain objectif : 10 000 ! ENG — FR — CH DE — CH FR Mercoledì 22 luglio, le autorità italiane hanno posto…


Abdication of responsibility for unaccompanied children on the move

It takes weeks to request an appointment — who can rely on such a system?


The growing Syrian community in Germany is leaving its mark on German society

Los für Lesbos — Beatsteaks, AnnenMayKantereit und 22 weitere Künstler starten Aktion zugunsten der…

24 Künstler haben sich auf Initiative des Schauspielers Volker Bruch („Babylon Berlin”) zu einer tollen Aktion…


The bigger they are, the harder it is to take criticism, it seems…

Project allowing Syrians to keep their properties



  • This article talks about the Lebanese government’s plan for the return of Syrian people on the move to Syria, especially the inconsistencies within the plan.
  • The situation on the ground in Afghanistan:

Civilians among 45 killed in Afghan air raids against Taliban

Air raids by Afghan security forces against Taliban fighters have killed at least 45 people, including civilians…

  • Marina Sitrin & Colectiva Sembrar put together a book, “Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Aid During the Coronavirus Crisis,” that is out now. You can order the book here and read more about the project, including a few excerpts, here.



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Are You Syrious?

News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.