AYS Daily Digest 3/6/19: A call for prosecution of the EU

Detailed documentation filed against the EU at the ICC in The Hague / While the majority of reunification applications to Germany from Greece are continuously denied, people are suffering in camps across the Aegean / Sudanese security forces are attacking the protest sit-in site resulting in a growing number of casualties / Many arrivals by boat on the Greek islands and in Italy

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Human rights lawyers are accusing the European Union of committing crimes against humanity in its treatment of migrants who hope to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya.

The EU and member states should be prosecuted for the deaths of thousands of migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean fleeing Libya, according to a detailed legal submission to the International Criminal Court.

EU has beeen sending money, boats and training to units of the forces linked to various factions of Libya’s militias

An investigation of the meetings in the negotiations is called for in order to establish who was really behind the scenes trying to push for the policies that triggered the death of more than 14,000 people in the Mediterranean as a result of interceptions by the Libyan forces, Juan Branco, a lawyer who co-wrote the report, said in a statement.

Here is the entire document available for download.

Ending Mare Nostrum in 2014 one of the main culpable actions

Statements from the French president, the German chancellor and other top European Union officials are just a part of the material that served as a basis for the report. The documentation they brought to the Court contains documents that prove that the EU officials hoped that ending Mare Nostum would create a deterrent effect.

“Deterrent effect — what does it mean? It means sacrifice the lives of some, in this case of many, to change the behavior of others, to discourage others from doing the same thing,” Omer Shatz, the other lead lawyer in the case said.

France has already dismissed the accusations as “senseless” and lacking “any legal foundations.”

A very vague official statement was issued immediately after the official press conference held in Paris.

The Spanish foreign minister even said that Libya’s holding cells “cannot be referred to as torture detention centres.”

Here is a further analysis and detailed text on the German part in this context:

As many people on the move arrive from Sudan, and sadly many of them end up trapped in the detention centres on their way to a peaceful and stable country, and given the slim media coverage, we feel the need to draw attention to what has been happening there in the past days.

The Sudanese security forces are attacking the protest sit-in site resulting in a growing number of casualties. Thousands of protesters have been gathered since 6 April to demand a peaceful transition to civilian rule.

Here is more information.

The Red Crescent, International Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders were called to intervene and provide medical care for the wounded “trapped in the sit-in area, homes and some hospitals”.

Such an attack could not have happened without the “green light” of their Gulf allies, activists on social media said. Independent journalists claim that “government forces” were preventing foreign journalists staying in a central Khartoum hotel from leaving the premises or even exiting onto the hotel’s balconies to view ongoing events, therefore it is difficult to follow the events directly through the media and to estimate the number of casualties at this point.

Violence continues from both sides

At a time when the Moroccan authorities are boasting of having prevented 30,000 attempts to migrate, criminal gangs continue to attack and molest those people. The case that Association Marocaine des Droits Humains — Section Nador reported about happened earlier in the day in Tangier when a group of migrants was attacked by “bandits with the white weapon”. Seeing the violations committed every day by the Moroccan authorities, these criminal gangs consider migrants as easy prey: they cannot present a complaint because they will be arrested and rejected and even if the complaint is presented, it is never taken seriously.

They also warn about the danger of traffickers in Nador which “has reached unbearable limits”. Amdh Nador was alerted by migrants that two women were “taken hostage” by Moroccan traffickers who were to transfer them to Melilla. Since the morning, the two women have been held by the traffickers, who demanded payment from their friends in order to have them released.

Amdh Nador has launched a call to the authorities to free the two women taken hostage and to end the activity of these criminal bands.


There are now 15,930 people living in camps on the islands that were designed to house fewer than 9,000. The month of May brought a significant increase of people arriving from Turkey, including 1,230 people between May 19th-30th alone. This comes at a time where the majority of reunification applications to Germany from Greece are being continuously denied.

In Aegean Boat Report’s (ABR) monthly statistics for May, the total arrivals so far in 2019 number 9,807 people, while there were 9,872 transfers to the mainland. A total of 294 boats reached the Greek islands while 520 boats were stopped by the Turkish Coast Guard. Find the monthly update here.

The new arrivals on Monday, according to ABR, included:

→ One boat outside Lesvos with 34 people (No breakdown available)

→ One boat arrived on Samos with 11 people (No breakdown available)

→ Two boats arrived on Kos: The first with 7 people and the second with 12 people (numbers not confirmed)

Frontex tweeted on Monday that:

“Two Danish patrol boats joined #Frontex operation #Poseidon to help Greek authorities patrol their borders and fight cross-border crime”


Our House in Athens is starting a new campaign to “bring a smile to a child.” They need donations in order to buy gifts and toys for children living as refugees who might not have any other toys to play with.

Find out more about how you can help here.

A surge in arrivals

30 people arrived in Calabria:

21 persons originating from Algeria arrived by boat on the coast of Sardinia. They were transferred to the reception centre in Monastir, a few kilometers from Cagliari. Another small boat carrying five other people was intercepted and the people were escorted to the port and then transferred to the reception centre, according to thee Italian sources.

23 minors and 17 women, including a few who are pregnant, were among those rescued on Thursday from a dinghy in distress off Libya’s coast. The Italian navy ship carrying the people docked Sunday in Genoa. The infamous minister Salvini said the people saved and brought to the shore would be transferred to five other European Union nations and taken in by the Vatican.

However, there are still people in distress who have not reached safe ports:

A total of 35 men, 10 women and five children arrived on the Chafarinas islands, and although they have been transferred to the CETI in Melilla, there are fears that some of them will be returned to Morocco directly.

Men are being separated from the group and we fear that they will be returned to Morocco under the readmission agreement with Morocco in 1992,“ — Estrella Galán, secretary General of CEAR

A Coruña! Mañana es un buen día para informarse sobre la situación de los refugiados en Sid, Serbia. La voluntaria Sofía Caamaño abrirá un diálogo sobre el tema. Además, se proyectará un documental de Jaime Alekos que visibiliza la situación. ¡Vengan y compartan! — No Name Kitchen

A man most likely trying to sail to the UK on a wood-framed raft has been rescued from the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands. The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution, or KNRM, tweeted that the man was picked up on Sunday morning near Ijmuiden, west of Amsterdam. He had reached a dangerous area when he was spotted by another boat and eventually rescued.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.