AYS Daily Digest 9/10/19: Violent refugee deaths on the rise in Bosnia

A man was shot by a local villager on Saturday, only a few days after two bodies were discovered in Bosnian rivers // Today, a new body with visible injuries was found in a camp trailer near Cazin // Bosnian police push back a family, two small children left behind // Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus ask for European support to return people to Turkey: we have the document! // French speakers, lawyers and psychologists needed on Lesvos /// Montenegro allows Frontex officers to work on its borders // Volunteers and donations are needed in Šid, Serbia //

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Oct 10 · 10 min read
Refugees in Vučjak camp near Bihać: dehumanised and left with no support. Photo: Dean Dean

Dead man in a trailer: police found injuries on his body

A dead unnamed migrant was found in a camp trailer in the Osmanagići village near Cazin, Northern Bosnia. His body was transported to the Bihać hospital, where an autopsy will be performed and the cause of death will be determined. According to the local police, the body had visible physical injuries, but they are not necessarily connected to the cause of death. Having in mind that many people sustain injuries during violent push-backs from Croatia, the police claim, it is possible that the man’s injuries are not directly connected to his death. No further information has been released so far.

Local man claims responsibility for killing a migrant and hiding his body for three days

The case of a dead migrant near Cazin comes only a day after the local villager claimed responsibility for the killing of a migrant near the southern Bosnian border with Montenegro. Yesterday at 9:30 am, M.Č. (49) called the police station in Bileća to turn himself in for the murder. Investigation found that he had killed an undocumented migrant on Saturday evening, and then hid the body in a pit for three days. According to his description of the crime, a group of migrants found shelter in a house in Vranjska village. The house belongs to his neighbour, who asked him to take care of it. After hearing noises and seeing movement in the house, the man grabbed a rifle and walked into the house. During the frenzy, he pulled the trigger and shot one of the migrants in the face, while the others ran for their lives. He panicked and hid the body, but later decided to confess the crime. Ongoing investigation needs to determine if his story accurately describes the crime.

The investigation aims to confirm details of the murder in Vranjska village near Bileća.

At least two bodies discovered in Bosnian rivers over the past week

Two men, one of them Pakistani and the other allegedly Syrian, have been found dead in the rivers along the Bosnian border with Croatia last week. One of the bodies may have been in the water for a longer period of time, while the other was in much better condition and could be identified more easily. A bizarre lack of clothes was visible in both cases: one of the bodies was completely naked, while the other had only his boxer shorts on. Police removed the bodies, but didn’t disclose any further information about the deaths. Videos of the bodies have started circulating on social media, and it seems that one of the videos actually describes the third body, but this has so far been unconfirmed. At this stage, it is impossible to say if the men had any encounters with Croatian police before their deaths, or if they had been engaged in any other form of violence. However, eyewitnesses claim that visible marks of the violence could be seen on at least one of the bodies. The rivers are shallow at this time of the year and can be easily crossed, which adds to the concern about possible violent causes of deaths.

Bosnian police push back a family, two small children left behind

6-year old girl reached Tuzla alone, in fever, confused… Photo: Selma Dzafic

Documents revealed

Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece ask for European support in clamping down on migration

The non-paper was presented by the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Cyprus, and the Hellenic Republic ahead of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial on 7–8 October, with the aim of “sensitizing EU counterparts, as well as the European Commission, to increasing, persisting and clearly disproportionate migratory challenges”. We have obtained the document that was shared with MEPs and representatives of the European Commission and we’re copying the most interesting parts:

“EU-Turkey deal is essential for managing migration flows”


389 refugees finally transferred to the mainland from Symi Island

Hundreds were stuck on Symi, with no facilities to accomodate them. Photo: Rachel Weschen

Lawyers and psychologists needed on Lesvos

A total of 15,333 people were counted on Lesvos today. In Moria alone, a camp designed to host 3,000, there are 13,112 people and new arrivals are counted every day. Many, including children and people with serious medical conditions, are sleeping on the floor or, if lucky, in summer tents. Two weeks ago a fire broke out in the camp, killing a woman and her newborn child, and injuring many others. The camp has not been fixed since then. Refugees are sleeping in tents under the charred ruins.

Aftermath of the tragic fire: people live in tents under burnt stairs. Photo: RSA

SAR NGOs issue the position paper on the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

Nine SAR NGOs are advocating for the humane approach in the next phase of European policy-making, following the mini-summit in Malta. Photo: Sea Watch


No Name Kitchen needs volunteers and donations to prepare for the winter

Volunteers take turns to guard the unofficial camp that is often raided by the police. Photo: NNK


Frontex to be deployed at Montenegrin borders

On Monday, the European Union signed an agreement with Montenegro on border management cooperation between Montenegro and the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex). This agreement allows Frontex to assist Montenegro in border management, carry out joint operations and deploy teams in the regions of Montenegro that border the EU, namely at the border with Croatia, south of Dubrovnik. You can read more about it here.

Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

Are You Syrious?

Written by

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

Are You Syrious?

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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