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Are You Syrious?

AYS News Digest 13/5/22: Frontex and Switzerland — After many reports and denouncing, it’s the whistleblowers who raise the concern with people

Germany: 1in 3 negative asylum decisions handed down by BAMF end up being revised after initial court appeals / Hunger strike in Lesznowola / embarrassing data breach in the Greek migration report / calls for volunteers in France / how to support anti Rwanda deal efforts in the UK / + our team prepared some very interesting and highly useful articles, analysis, reports and personal stories — don’t miss it


Fearing that the country may end up being an accomplice in unlawful actions, a Swiss border guard who served in around 10 Frontex operations has said he will vote “no” in the upcoming referendum on whether or not to increase the Swiss funding of Frontex.


Pushbacks (even) of the political asylum seekers

Many Kurdish asylum seekers are now being sent back to Turkey forcibly during pushbacks before even being given a chance to apply for asylum on Greek soil. Among them is the Kurdish writer Meral Simsek who claims she was sent back to Turkey only to face imprisonment after having crossed the Evros river.

“Severe rule of law issues, poor methodology and sheer incompetence”

In an embarrassing data breach, the authorities had to hid the recently published “investigation report of the Migration-Nationality Subsector of the Sector of Local Authorities (A’ & B’ Grade), Decentralized Administration and Migration-Nationality of the Inspections and Audits Unit of the National Transparency Authority” as it failed to properly hide the names and personal details of those who were interviewed during the investigation.


Velika Kladuša

“Now even the Bosnian police has become a problem for the guys on the Balkan route, who no longer have peace. Some of them managed to stay in Velika Kladusa hiding in abandoned houses, but early yesterday morning while they were sleeping, they received an unexpected visit from the police who took them and put them on the bus to Lipa. And once this is done, everything else is set on fire. Food, blankets, curtains, fur bags, everything. The stoves that the boys use to cook were also destroyed. But the thing is, they don’t give up. Nah guys never do this. Many have escaped from Lipa and arrived in Kladusa to go to the game. But there’s nothing left for them. And they need to eat, to be able to live a few days and get back to the game. Or they just need to fill as much food as they can that loyal friend called backpack. To be able to have something to eat in 15–20 days of walking,” B. Bertochi reported.

E poi succede che non bastava aver… — Barbara Bertocchi

E poi succede che non bastava aver chiuso il Miral camp, non bastava averli deportati a Lipa in #culandia, non…

SAR in the sea

Alarm Phone reported about a group of 24 people in distress in the Maltese search and rescue zone. They have already been at sea for 4 days and meanwhile have neither drinking water nor food. In fact, Maltese authorities are responsible for rescuing people from distress at sea in their search and rescue zone, but time and time again Malta disregards this responsibility.


Volunteers report from the Ceuta Circle of Silence


The north

As the water tanks are being pierced, distributions prohibited and provisional camps dismantled, more hardships for people on the move are being documented by groups on site:


Solidarité migrants Wilson is looking for people willing to engage in helping:


Drawing attention to the pushbacks and ill-treatment of migrants attempting to cross into Poland from Belarus, the increased use of immigration detention in Poland, including the routine detention of accompanied and unaccompanied children, and discriminatory treatment of non-Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Poland, including their detention, the Joint Submission to the Universal Periodic Review is available here.

Hunger strike

Grupa Granica reports of another hungerstrike (the second one as far as I know) by detainees in one of the closed ‘Center for foreigners’ in Lesznowola.


Successful appeals, 1 in 3 cases

One in three negative asylum decisions handed down by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) end up being revised after initial court appeals, resulting in considerable costs for the BAMF, InfoMigrants reports. Refugees from Afghanistan in particular tend to be successful with their appeals in court, since the country was taken over by the Islamist Taliban group last August. Read more


Danish authorities are to permanently revoke the residency and deport a Syrian refugee wanted by the Assad regime. Muhammad Maher has resided in Denmark for seven years after arriving in the country in 2015:


Rwanda — how you can help

The reprehensible Rwanda plan is already terrifying refugees.

The UK’s plans to send asylum seekers to Rwanda raise four red flags

Like many others, I was surprised and upset to hear about the UK’s new deal to offload its responsibility to tens of…



Find out why the EU’s AI Act needs to be amended to prevent harmful uses of technology for asylum, immigration and border control purposes — next Monday:


A Window of Opportunity for EU Migration Policy

The supportive attitude of EU member states towards the millions of incoming refugees from Ukraine has created a…

  • For the Yale Law School event, “EU’s Citizenship Apartheid,” Ian Urbina discusses The Outlaw Ocean Project’s reporting on the invisible wall that keeps migrants out of Europe.
  • ELENA Weekly update:

ELENA Weekly Legal Update — 13 May 2022

On 6 April 2022, the ECtHR communicated a case lodged against Turkey. This case involved an Iranian woman who fled Iran…

  • Feasibility study on the setting up of a robust and independent human rights monitoring mechanism at the external borders of the European Union

Feasibility Study: Independent human rights monitoring mechanism at the external borders of the EU

Publication in english · Stellungnahmen & Gutachten Fea­si­bi­li­ty Stu­dy on the set­ting up of a robust and…

  • The response to the war in Ukraine stands in sharp contrast to the reaction to other high-profile mass movements, such as those sparked by the war in Syria and the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan last summer after Western forces pulled out. While thousands of refugees from those conflicts were welcomed, the Temporary Protection Directive was not activated, and the broader effort was geared toward preventing asylum seekers from arriving.

The EU’s real refugee policy: Division and delay

When it comes to refugees, the European Union’s treatment of those fleeing the war in Ukraine is the exception — to a…

  • While EU policymakers are busy amending the text, one important question springs to mind: whose rights are we talking about?

The EU AI Act: How to (truly) protect people on the move — Access Now

The European Union Artificial Intelligence Act (EU AI Act) aims to promote the uptake of trustworthy AI and, at the…



Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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Are You Syrious?

News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.