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Are You Syrious?

AYS Special from Chios: Fire swallows up makeshift homes of hundreds

The results of last night’s huge fires and damages in Vial camp are laid bare this morning. The protests happened after the tragic death of a 47 year-old who was locked up in a container. What has happened last night is the physical manifestation of the huge number of injustices conducted against the people living there.

Trash, burnt down tents and despair: aftermath of last night’s riots. Photo: camp resident
Fire swallowed up big tents and containers. Videos: camp residents, edited by AYS
Food trucks have been destroyed by fire. Photo: camp resident

The pictures tell a thousand words.

How to rebuild a life in a camp six times over its capacity? Photo: camp resident
Lacking bare necessities and afraid to leave the camp: reality even before the fire. Photo: camp resident
Chios People’s warehouse was burnt down on 3rd of March. Photo: CPW
Local people protest in support of refugees and volunteers after the Chios People’s warehouse was burnt down in early March 2020. Photo: Katerina Anastasiou



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Are You Syrious?

News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.