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Are You Syrious?

AYS Weekend Digest 21–22/12/19: Six people, including 2 children, feared drowned in the Danube river

A man died in Zawiyah camp of consequences of the Libyan police torture / Court in Lille decides the Calais mayor “was incompetent to take the orders” about stopping the aid distribution / & more news from other areas

“A man died yesterday in Zawiyah of the horrific torture he suffered at the hands of the Libyan police in the locked up hangar.


Our team, and so many of our past volunteers who have worked day after day unloading, sorting and distributing items from the warehouse are absolutely devastated. But we will rebuild, and our operations must continue to provide emergency relief to over 7000 people currently in Vathi camp.

Racism in Sarajevo

“On a daily basis we see people cheating on the (im)migrants, including my husband, by charging them more in the shops, not letting them eat in fast food stores, etc. People complain about the migrants all the time, but nobody speaks about what is being done to them, and how a single driver earns at least 20KM because they don’t charge the tickets regularly, how the people call the police on them for no reason, how the same police doesn’t ask what happened, but just throw them out of the bus and start beating them… How they are being spoken to in a rude and agressive manner.. ”



“This is the reason why Italy and Malta feel a lack of solidarity. Big words, no actions. And not the first case of delay.”




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Are You Syrious?

News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.