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AYS Weekend Digest 6–7/11/21: Activists and local church step in so that people would not die in the Alps

Report from the French-Italian border // What is happening with UNHCR in Libya // Safe corridors provided consistently by the Italian community work better than any EU programme so far // UK border forces refuse pushbacks // & some good reads and recommended podcasts


In Paris, the situation for homeless people on the move and asylum seekers is deteriorating. Utopia team reports many having to spend nights out in the open, with very low temperatures that are only to worsen in the coming days..

  • Organise day and night standby services, with a view to the next reopening of the solidarity shelter (and/or a second emergency security) of the people received, various logistics and links with the links with the mountain outreach teams.
  • Everywhere on the territory, welcome, inform and support undocumented people.
  • A demonstration will take place in Briançon on 13 November 2021, meeting at 2pm in front of the media library.


France pushing Cyprus into fast-forwarding people back to Africa

France has agreed to “help initiate talks” between Cyprus and French-speaking African countries in order for them to take back their citizens whose asylum applications have been rejected, the Cypriot interior minister said. Cyprus says it has the highest number of first-time asylum applications among all 27 EU members relative to its population of 1.1 million. According to officials, the reception system has reached a breaking point. The Cypriot government claims that Turkey systematically forwards asylum-seekers to the island’s Turkish Cypriot north so that they pressure the country, media reported.



The Sea 4 was finally allowed to sail to Trapani to bring the more than 800 rescued people to safety.


Reportedly on Crete, a man who learned his family was killed by the Taliban took his own life —


Community sponsorship in Italy resettles more Afghan refugees than many EU Member States

As Tihomir Sabchev noted, the community efforts of Italians have reached much higher standards than all the (overpaid) deals the EU and international organisations have so far placed on the table.


Grupa Granica has appealed to the domestic and international institutions to monitor the escalating border crisis, send independent monitors and exert pressure on the Polish government to immediately send humanitarian and medical aid to the Polish-Belarusian border.

Poland summons Belarus envoy over armed border incursion | DW | 03.11.2021

Poland’s Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that it had summoned Belarusian charge d’affaires Alexander Chesnovsky to…

THWARTED. What is really going on on the border between Belarus and Poland — VSQUARE.ORG

Julia Dauksza We follow migrant paths documented with digital footprints and personal accounts Our investigation…


UK border force refuses to go further with Priti Patel’s pushback plan


  • Counter-terrorism measures as a migration control device — Insights from Italy

Counterterrorism measures as a migration control device

Since the 9/11 attacks, public discourse on migration and asylum has been deeply affected by the linking of migration…

Istanbul. A smuggler assures me: „It’s 100% guaranteed.” An reporter on the refugee trail

​Publikujemy angielską wersję tekstu, który ukazał się w Stambuł. Sto procent gwarancji — zapewnia mnie…



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News digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and people on the move, but also for journalists, decision makers and other parties.