Arena’s postgresql client library PGX at the NYC OCaml Meetup

On October 25th, 2018, one of Arena’s engineers, Brendan Long, took to NYC to present our recently open-sourced OCaml postgres database library, PGX.

Brendan spoke at length about the challenges of writing reusable library code and testing it against the multiple concurrency implementations PGX supports (like JS promises), Lwt, Jane St.’s Async, and basic Unix I/O. He also gave some insight into our larger OCaml codebase at Arena.

We use open-source tools extensively and appreciate the friendly OCaml community. Recent advances such as the Dune build system make the life of an OCaml library maintainer much easier than before, and allowed us to open-source parts of our internal monorepo for community feedback.

The code is here:

Slides are available here:

The full video is here: