Ares’ Trip Down to DevCon 4 in Prague: Peek into Global Community Operation of Ethereum

During October 30-November 2, the senior believers, Ares Tech CEO Jack Li and Ares Tech CTO Christian Gehl participated in the 4th Ethereum Developers Conference.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, also showed up at the conference and put the atmosphere into climax.

The following is the slides from Vitalik’s presentation ETH 2.0: The Road to Scaling Ethereum. We hope that more enthusiasts of blockchain technology will come together to witness the extraordinary development speed of Ethereum as well as push the limits of the possible.

P.S.: The slides are authorized by EthFans community and translated by Ares. Your forwarding is the most powerful support for the development of blockchain industry.

What’s in Ethereum 2.0?

-Casper, Sharding, EWASM, Abstraction and Improvements to Protocol Economics-

The Origin and Important Milestone of Ethereum 2.0

- EIP 103: First attempts at “rent”-
- The Scalability Paper-
- EWASM Quietly Marches Forward-

Struggle Forward

Ethereum’s progress of the key research in the past year involves Casper FFG, Casper CBC, sharding design and casper CBC, etc.

Serenity will Come Soon.

-Serenity is the Implementation of protocol researches such as Casper, sharding, EWASM and others during 2014–2018. -
-Serenity Is a New Blockchain. -

Expected Phases and Features

Post-Serenity Innovation and Medium-term Goals