Weekly Report for Ares, September 10–16

Previous Review

September 12–13 ARES TECH GMBH CTO Christian Gehl Attended 2018 Blockchain World Summit London Station and Gave the Keynote Speech on Site

It is the largest and most influential industry event in the international and European regions so far. The summit is based on the latest block chain industry situation, combined with games, movies, animation and other digital entertainment fields, as well as blockchain technology application and innovation, to explore its future development trend and business opportunities.

In the meantime, Ares Tech CTO Christian shared the speech with the theme of Challenges Faced By All Gaming Platforms, and exchanged with the industry players about the upcoming changes in the blockchain technology.

Project Progress

Microservices & General Coding

- 16 commits

- 772 lines added this week


- 15 commits

- 17500 lines added this week

General Coding

- Improved UI/UX of authentication & authorization

- Increased code sharing between server & client(s) (eliminating duplicate code & redundancies)

- Several bug fixes & security improvements


- General setup with default design

- Features implemented for

- QR Code scanning

- ETH balance

- mnemonic code

- Sending ERC20

Cloud infrastructure & Service APIs

- Added API&Serverside security model (generic context & authority, resource filters etc.)

- Incremental design, implementation & integration of a micro-service framework as foundation for ares api (continuous effort).

- Declarative REST resource & parameter descriptors (for automated apidoc, testing & sdk/client generation later on)

- HTTP/REST security, e.g.

- API for custom HTTP/REST filters as well as standard filters:

- Authentication

- Authorization




- Origin

  • Default error handling, logging & response of explicit as well as un-catched exceptions

Big Event

Welcome New Members

Anny, Visual Designer of Ares < She’s so obviously cleverer and prettier than we expected. >

Anny has extensive experience in illustration design, concept illustration, brand design and motion simulation animation, as well as she has been working all over New York, Hongkong and Berlin. Moreover, Anny is good at using personality needs to match algorithm for helping both suppliers and demanders to accurately and efficiently produce original graphic works, and excavate the artistic, commercial as well as dissemination value of original drawings in a multi-dimensional way.

Community Cooperation

September 12 Berlin blockchain platform ares announced a strategic partnership with OKGaEx

On September 12, Berlin blockchain platform ares announced a strategic partnership with OKGaEx. Cooperation also includes that Ares will release its projects on OKGaEx platform in the future. Meanwhile, Ares will also select excellent local blockchain game developers for OKGaEx within Europe. It indicates that Ares has been actively introducing high-quality products of European team, which can help European blockchain game teams to enter China’s market in the aspects of providing business, distribution, localization and traffic resources.

Ares Tech is committed to grow into a new generation of blockchain game network with expandable IP incubation type based on Plasma technology. Ares Tech is located in Berlin, the center of European blockchain industry, and all its professional team members have more than a decade of full-scale Internet experience on average, including big data, mobile products, hackers growing and social games, etc., from Fraunhofer, Zynga, Playfish, Bigpoint, Tencent, Shanda Games, Onefootball, Zalando, N26, Deutsche Bahn, Microsoft, IBM, Nokia, Siemens, Daimler, KPMG and so on.

Company’s Products

Ares Suite provides a one-stop solution for game developers, so as to realize the efficient and friendly cross chain collaboration of blockchain games.

Ares Arena is the first non-fee DApp of social and leisure game platform, which detonates blockchain social dividend by its IP incubation mode for the encrypted assets of the cross-platform games.

Ares Connect is an ecosystem for connecting global business resources, which can help developers upgrade independent games to profitable IP.

Event Notice

September 20 Ares Will Come Together with Its Partner for GAMES: NET END OF SUMMER RECEPTION.

Ares’ partner, games: net berlin brandenburg, will be the sponsor of the event GAMES:NET END OF SUMMER RECEPTION, for holding a grand banquet in FluxBau. At that time, everyone at the scene would immerse in a relaxed atmosphere. We guesses this party style may be more suitable for communicating with each other.

October’s Announcement

Ares will hold a small-scaled MeetUp in early October. We welcome the partners who would like to know the details of the activity, to pay attention to our weekly report of next week. There are beer, BBQ, and something else more interesting waiting for you.


Scalable Blockchain Social Gaming Network

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