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A new era for crypto security

Unprecedented protection for your cryptocurrency wallet

Argent: A new type of crypto wallet
  1. How Argent helps you recover your wallet without a seed phrase
  2. How Argent protects your cryptocurrency
  3. How our security model plays out in practice

How Argent helps you recover your wallet

Simple, seedless recovery

How Guardians help you recover your wallet

  1. A hardware wallet or other device (e.g. another phone) that you own yourself.
  2. A MetaMask account
  3. A person you’ve selected because you trust them (e.g. a friend or family member).
  4. A third party service. An example is our Argent Guard, which uses 2-factor authentication.
Protect your wallet with Guardians

Recovery with Guardians is this easy:

  1. Download the Argent app on your new phone.
  2. Tap ‘Recover wallet’.
  3. Enter your username (e.g.
  4. Speak to your Guardians and share the four emojis on your screen. If a majority confirm they match, then a 36 hour window starts. (You count towards the majority). During this time you can cancel the recovery. If there’s no cancellation, you recover your wallet.
  • Therefore, the formula for approving or cancelling a recovery is: CEIL[(n+1)/2] signatures.
  • N = total number of Guardians

How Argent protects you from theft

1) Phone-layer security

2) Smart contract-layer security

Wallet locking

Daily transaction limits

Trusted contacts

Changing Guardians

How does this security play out in practice?

I’ve lost my phone!

  1. As soon as you realise it’s missing, you can ask a Guardian to lock your wallet. This will stop any transactions or Guardian changes. It’s just a precaution as it’s extremely unlikely anyone can crack the phone-layer security (biometrics etc, which even law enforcement struggle with).
  2. Then, if you find your phone, you can just ask a Guardian to unlock it and you’re all good.
  3. If you’ve really lost it, you can recover your wallet on a new phone with the help of your Guardians.

I left my phone unlocked with Argent open and an attacker gained access to it!

  1. If the attacker tries to send your funds to themselves they’d hit the daily limit.
  2. You’d get a notification and would then have 24 hours to lock your wallet with the help of a Guardian.
  3. As a final step you’d recover your wallet on a new phone with the help of your Guardians.
  4. If the attacker tried to change your Guardians or add themselves to the list of trusted contacts, you’d have 24 hours to lock your wallet, stop them and recover it.

My Guardian has betrayed me or been hacked!

  1. If a Guardian does something you don’t want, you can easily remove them with a tap of the app.
  2. The change takes 24 hours to come into effect. In this time, as long as you have access to your phone, a single compromised Guardian cannot take control of your wallet. They would need a majority of Guardians and their path to the majority is made more difficult by the fact that you count towards it.

Someone has hacked my phone* and is trying to add Guardians until they control the majority!

  1. As soon as the attacker tries to change a Guardian, you’d be notified and have 24 hours to react before the change occurs.
  2. In this time you’d use a Guardian to lock your wallet — and this Guardian could be yourself with a device or Argent Guard. This would prevent the attacker from confirming the requested change at the end of the 24 hours.
  3. To resolve the situation you’d simply recover the wallet on a new phone.

I’m worried someone could try to fraudulently recover my wallet on their phone!

  • Know who your Guardians are
  • Trick your Guardians that the recovery attempt is legitimate. This is extremely difficult as we’ve deliberately made it so the recoverer has to speak to the Guardians to check that the symbols displayed on their screen match the ones the Guardians see.
  • Additionally, the attacker would need to trick more than one Guardian as recovery attempts require a majority of Guardians. Further preventing the attacker gaining a majority would be if any Guardians of yours are hardware wallets that you control.
  • Even if they can do all this — perhaps they’re your identical, evil twin — you’d be notified of the attempt and have 36 hours to cancel it.

My Guardian might not remember they need to help me

  • We’ll send them periodic reminders that they need to keep the Argent app to protect you.
  • If you want them to help recover your wallet you’ll call them.
  • Last, if you’re worried about the reliability of those you’re close to, you could just use hardware devices that you control, or a Guardian service.

An attacker has tricked my phone network into swapping my phone number onto their SIM!

  • But if you have weak email security, AND if the attacker uses your phone number to recover your email, AND if they know/guess your ENS, AND if your only Guardian is the automated Argent Guardian Service, then they could trigger a recovery of your wallet on their phone. But…
  • You’d be notified of the recovery attempt and can cancel it as you’d still have access to Argent.




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