Argent’s first DeFi launch: Maker CDPs

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Matthew Wright
Jul 30, 2019 · 2 min read
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Opening a Maker CDP just got much easier. You can now open one directly within your Argent wallet in just a few taps. All mobile, no fiddly web browsers. (It’s iOS only for now but will be on Android too).

If you’re not familiar with Maker, this means you can borrow Dai, a stablecoin worth $1, using your ETH as collateral. This lets you keep your exposure to ETH while gaining a stable asset better suited to spending.

We’ve made it fast, very fast.

Who’s faster? Argent or Usain Bolt?

How have we done this?

  • Simpler: We can minimise the steps you go through by using smart contracts to automate a lot of the process.
  • Cheaper: You don’t pay or even think about gas. As with the rest of our wallet, we use meta-transactions.

A couple of other things we’d like to highlight:

  1. Easier to close: If you have no DAI in your wallet but sufficient ETH it will automatically trade ETH for DAI and trade ETH for MKR and close the loan.
  2. Easy risk assessment: To open a CDP you need to assess the level you want to borrow for the level of collateral. We’ve made it super simple to assess whether your collateral to loan ratio is too low.
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Easily adjust your loan and collateral size

We’re more excited than ever that Ethereum can be the foundation for a fairer financial future. The space is booming — with nearly $500m locked up in it — and we want to be your hub for exploring it.

We’ll have another big DeFi announcement shortly.

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