Top Tier Supplier & Installer Of Solar Energy Products In California & Arizona- Argent Solar.

A solar roof over new buildings is mandatory in many cities of California. A solar system on your property is your declaration to combat the unprecedented change in climate which is believed to have been caused by increasing carbon dioxide in the air. A solar installation is a viable means to generate power derived from the solar energy radiated by the sun. The sun is an inexhaustible source of energy that is clean and green. The more we use solar energy, the more we reduce our `reliance on fossil fuels. A solar power system is easy to install and needs no extensive setups to establish.
Argent Solar is dedicatedly engaged as leading supplier of solar energy products, California & Arizona, solar financing, and solar installation services. Argent Solar comprehends what customers desire from a solar installer and offers custom solar installations on a turn-key basis. The company design-engineer a solar installation as per specific power requirements and have it installed by its competent technicians to withstand harsh climatic conditions. As a solar installation has no moving parts, it needs hardly any maintenance and has an extraordinarily long life. The wiring and its harness are other crucial requirements which add to its long life. Many solar installers just vanish from the market after a few years stint, and the customers have to incur heavy expenditure on repairs and re-installations. Argent Solar has gain a repute as a reliable solar installer in California and Arizona, by their customer-centric policies and industry expertise.

Argent Solar is a reliable custom solar installer, committed to attend repairs or upgradations, promptly and comprehensively, free of cost for the next two decades. A custom solar installation cuts your electricity bills and your carbon footprints. For the world to remain habitable for the coming generations, harnessing the solar energy is the only solution so far.

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