Ari10 Gateway Will Support Chain4Energy + Airdrop!

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5 min readJun 27, 2023


Ari10 Gateway is a product that helps blockchain projects with fundraising. Previously, it was used to raise funds by Eden, and now another company — Chain4Energy — is joining the list. What are the features of this project? What is its mission? What will the funds raised be used for, and how will the cooperation with Ari10 work? Read more about it in the article below!

Chain4Energy: What Is The Project And What Is Its Mission?

Chain4Energy is a blockchain project working in the energy industry. Its main mission is to solve the problems the sector faces with the energy transition.

Chain4Energy fills a gap that has begun to appear in the energy market as technology develops. Why? Because it provides high decentralization, digitalization, and decarbonization.

So what exactly does Chain4Energy do? The company provides commercial energy solutions for institutions, municipalities, large companies, etc. These solutions reduce energy prices and consumption and, most importantly, create opportunities to monetize excess energy by reselling it.

It is worth noting that the company is already active. Some time ago, it was invited to join a project from Minsk Mazowiecki, in which Ari10 also participates — Blockchain City. For what purpose? Chain4Energy will provide the local government with energy solutions using blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), and artificial intelligence.

Although Chain4Energy is a blockchain company, it creates tremendous value and solves real-world problems. That’s why Ari10 decided to partner up with it. Soon, a fundraising will be conducted through the Ari10 Gateway. What does this mean? You, too, will be able to invest in the future of the energy market, where blockchain technology will play an important role!

Chain4Energy x Ari10 Gateway — Fundraising

Chain4Energy, in cooperation with Ari10 Gateway, will soon conduct a pre-sale (public sale) of C4E tokens on its website. The site will feature a gateway through which anyone interested can invest in the project. What is Ari10’s contribution to all this? It provides an on-ramp solution through which investors can purchase C4E tokens using fiat currencies as easily.

It is worth noting that the gateway will only be used to purchase tokens during the pre-sale because C4E is a token built on the open-source Cosmos SDK framework tailored for the energy industry. What does this mean? That token sale will only be possible once it receives backing from other crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, looking at the potential and ambitions of the company, this will certainly happen soon!

It is also worth mentioning that with the establishment of cooperation, according to the agreement, there will be an airdrop of C4E for ARI10 hodlers!

What Is The Ari10 Gateway? What Benefits Does It Have?

Ari10 Gateway is an innovative Ari10 product created as a widget that can be easily placed on any website. It is a white-label solution so that any project can use it. A company that puts such a widget on its site gets two options:

  • It can sell its customers/investors tokens already listed on DEX. Then these tokens should be built on one of three networks: BSC, Ethereum, or Polygon.
  • It can sell its own-created tokens in fundraising. Then these tokens can be built on literally any blockchain.

So what advantages does the Ari10 Gateway solution bring? There are quite a few of them!

Ari10 Gateway — Advantages And Possibilities

First, Ari10 Gateway allows you to sell tokens directly for fiat currencies (PLN, USD, EUR). Moreover, investors can pay for them using various payment methods: credit/debit VISA card and bank transfer.

All this positively influences the adoption of crypto. After all, people unfamiliar with digital assets can invest easily — practically the same way they do any other online shopping.

Ari10 also offers a simple app that works like a wallet. So beginner investors don’t have to bother with technical issues, such as private keys. They make a purchase, and the tokens go into their Ari10 wallet.

Registering on Ari10 Gateway is simple and similar to creating an account on any other online service. Moreover, if a customer wishes to purchase crypto up to 500 USD, registration is not required. Indeed, transactions up to this volume can be done without strict identity verification (KYC).

All this makes it easier for people from traditional finance to enter the market. Companies reach out to new investors this way, greatly expanding their potential and coverage.

The widget can also be customized to match the look of the company’s website that implements it. It is possible to change the colors, the entire layout, and the tokens sold. This customization capability positively affects conversions!

Ari10 Gateway: Solution For Business

If a project wants to sell its own tokens on Ari10 Gateway to raise funds, they fill out a form at

You’ll get a message telling you what steps to take to implement the crypto-fiat payment gateway. Ari10 Gateway is widget-based software that partners can customize to fit their needs.

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