What advantage does a stationary cryptocurrency exchange have in the market? — an interview with Ari10’s partner Piotr Szeniawski

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7 min readNov 2, 2022


Some time ago, at Ari10, we started our interview series with business partners. In the second episode, we talk to Piotr Szeniawski, owner of the OSA Sport store and a stationary crypto exchange in Warsaw. During this interview, we ask about his professional and personal experiences. Our conversation revolves around many topics such as his business background, passion and approach to crypto. We were wondering whether it is possible to run a sports food business and a stationary cryptocurrency exchange at the same time.

Our guest shares his insights on collaboration with Ari10. And finally, he concludes this chat by pointing out the key qualities everyone needs to succeed in this business. According to him, a stationary crypto office should offer people more than just the possibility to exchange their digital assets. He says that physical points of sale have certain advantages over online exchanges.

Piotr Szeniawski is a long-time and experienced entrepreneur. CEO at OSA Sport (a dietary supplement and nutritional store in Warsaw). He is currently running two businesses at the same time. Initially intrigued by the crypto world, he became passionate about it, and after a couple of years he noticed the potential for a business. Less than 2 years ago, in cooperation with Ari10, he opened a stationary crypto exchange. This led to OSA Investor being born as a new brand. Piotr is also a hodler of the ARI10 token.

Website: osainwestor.pl

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=osa%20inwestor

Piotr Szeniawski — Osainwestor.pl

Big price increases and the importance of blockchain technology

Ari10 (🎙️): Hi Piotr, at the beginning of this interview we would like to ask you a standard warm up question. Namely, when did you first hear about crypto?

Piotr Szeniawski (🗣): I certainly first became interested in the crypto market during the previous bull market in 2017. However, to be honest, I did not have too much knowledge of bitcoin and altcoins at that time. Of course, I was reading on the Internet about all these incredible price increases. Nevertheless, I was still looking at it from a bit of a distance and observing what was happening with a little disbelief. After all, a lot of these events were pump and dump oriented actions. I remember, for example, “the John McAfee effect”. Sometimes it looked “funny strange” to me and I was shocked watching live charts of a specific coin, how its price is soaring by 50% in just 30 mins after the McAfee’s one tweet!

This is more or less what my beginnings in crypto looked like. Something special happened in 2020, when I totally caught the bug and started taking serious steps in the blockchain space.

🎙️ Sounds like a good story. What made you stay with crypto for good?

🗣 You know this market. The huge price fluctuations are usually the most exciting for the majority of people. Up and down all the time. Sometimes it goes like crazy! On the other hand, it causes emotions and brings a lot of newbies to the crypto market. It could be concluded that it helps in mass adoption in some way. And I must admit, those extraordinary prices back in 2017 also took my attention. It was natural curiosity. Yet at the same time, I recognized that this was only the first side of the “coin”. And what made me stay with crypto for the long term was actually something that’s much more important than prices! I mean this part of blockchain technology focuses on freedom. It’s like a ray of hope for our privacy and independence from commercial banks. Those were the main factors that convinced me to go crypto. It is obvious that huge profits and losses always turn people on. However, at the same time, we should not forget what Satoshi Nakamoto said in the Bitcoin Manifesto! According to him, BTC was created not for making money on it. He believed in the idea that one day, bitcoin could become a digital peer-to-peer currency completely independent of any government, intermediary or biased party.

🎙️ You’re right. As you just touched on the topic of prices and technology, let’s talk about that for a second. What do you think are the most interesting cryptocurrency projects currently on the market?

🗣 It will not be a big discovery when I say that I see great potential in ETH. The Ethereum network as a platform for decentralized applications certainly has a bright future ahead. It’s also worth mentioning about BSKT. It is a certain kind of crypto ETF, backed by a basket of other cryptocurrencies that cover its value. I am also a hodler of ARI10. This is a token in the ecosystem of a professional company with many years of experience. Ari10’s extensive market experience was one of the main factors that motivated me to start cooperating with them.

Combination of two businesses and the main advantage of a stationary exchange office

🎙️ Well. We are heading exactly in this direction with our next question. Why did you decide to open your own stationary cryptocurrency exchange?

🗣 For me, it is kind of an investment. As I said before, cryptocurrencies became my passion in a short time. And I came up with the idea of my own crypto business while listening to one of the podcasts on Youtube. When I heard that there was a possibility to open a stationary crypto exchange, I immediately started working on it. As you know, I was already running a health food and supplement store at that time, so I had a cool place for an office. I just needed to contact Ari10, work out details and start!

🎙️ How did you manage to combine your main business (dietary supplement store) with running a stationary cryptocurrency exchange?

🗣 Just like when you start any new initiative, it takes a little more effort at the beginning. Of course, the start of my supplement business was no different. But it’s been a few years now, and I’ve learned how to manage it. Now it doesn’t take me as much time as it used to. However, I must admit the blockchain space fascinated me so much that I had only one choice — to start another business path, but this time in the crypto industry! And it’s worth mentioning that starting my own crypto business motivated me to provide more automation in my first profession (supplements)!

The key to success and cooperation with Ari10

🎙️ Does a stationary cryptocurrency exchange have any advantage over online exchanges?

🗣 First, in a physical office, clients with less knowledge are more comfortable to ask anything they need to know about. My main business is in a similar situation. People like searching for information about products on Google, but they prefer to come over the store and purchase things offline. Clients appreciate the opportunity to consult on their concerns, about products they buy, with a “real” person, a specialist who is experienced in a particular business area. In this way, they dispel their doubts and become more confident in decisions they make. The more complex and difficult it is for people, the more likely they are to come in person.

🎙️ We have come to the end of this interview. With a two year experience, how would you advise new people who want to open their own stationary crypto exchange? What should they remember?

🗣 They should definitely have a minimum amount of knowledge about the crypto market. They must be aware of, more or less, what is going on on the market. Once some smart person said that time flies so fast in crypto that 1 year feels like 10 years in a traditional business. Blockchain is quite a new technology and everything is changing at a rapid speed! One needs to be up to date with trends to stay in the game! At the end of the day, this determines if you are successful in this business or not. It’s your mindset that will determine whether your clients stay with you or go to your competitor who may have a better understanding of this business niche.

They should remember that a lot of people go to stationary crypto exchanges because they don’t have 100% confidence and skills in this area, but still want to buy their first digital assets. As a specialist in the office, you must have this minimum level of business knowledge and soft skills to deal with that! You have to meet clients’ expectations. Sometimes such a beginner comes to my office and doesn’t even know how to create a wallet, but desires to have its own bitcoin! You need to help to make clients happy!

The second thing is that you need to be flexible. Sometimes I have meetings with clients after my work hours or even on a holiday! This gives us more opportunity. Client feels really appreciated then, but you gain its trust for the next deal. People get to know that they can count on you in every situation. It’s a crucial thing in the business.

🎙️ It was a great pleasure to talk with you. Thank you very much for this interview.

🗣 I also thank you and wish you all the best!

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