Arian Azarbar — How to Exercise When Traveling Often for Work

Trying to find the time to exercise when you travel often for work can be very difficult. Traveling tends to create havoc on your schedule.

Arian Azarbar always makes time for exercise and keeping active & mentally fresh.

This is particularly true for your fitness routine.

When you are trying your best just to find time for your emails between client dinner and all-day meetings, finding time to work out may seem impossible. The good news is, however, with a bit of planning and the right tools, bringing your workout with you can be simple.

If you are like Interior designer/real estate mogul Arian Azarbar who travels for work and finds it challenging to find the time to exercise, keep reading to learn how to stay fit while on the road.

Pack the Correct Tools

You need to have the correct tools if you have any chance of exercising while traveling for work. Consider bringing the following:

● Clothing — Begin by packing the outfit you wear when exercising. No need to bring more than one. Be sure to choose workout clothes that are lightweight and dry fast. This allows you to wash them in the hotel sink, and they will be dry by the time you wake up. Also, be sure to pack your running shoes.

● Resistance Band — A resistance band allows you to do a number of strength exercises.

● Yoga Mat — Find and purchase a lightweight yoga mat, weighing no more than 2 pounds (unless you already have one), and fold it into a small square. There should be plenty of room in your suitcase for this, and you will be glad that you packed it.

Arian Azarbar always plans his workouts when planning for travel.

Create a Plan

The key to making your workout happen while traveling like Arian Azarbar is planning it out ahead of time. So, while you are still on the plane, take some time to review your schedule and look for a time each day that you can exercise. Perhaps you can work out during a long lunch break between meetings. Or, before things start in the morning, go for a run. If you are a runner, check with your hotel about any sights that are close by. Add your work out a time to your calendar as an appointment.

Check with your hotel to find out if they have a pool or fitness center. If not, run the stairs. If you have a membership to a large national chain gym, there may be one near your hotel. However, if you are unable to get to a gym, a magnificent work out can happen right in your room. There are a number of online video-based workout programs available, all you need is the internet. There are also some great workout apps available for those who travel like Arian Azarbar does.

Stay Active

If possible, incorporate extra activities as well if you feel you need more than your daily workout.If you travel for work often like Arian Azarbar, following these few steps can help you stay fit.