Arian Azarbar — Smart Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling for Work

It can be very difficult to stay healthy while traveling for business.

Chances are you are handling a hectic schedule, possibly adjusting to a different time zone, and eating many meals out. Before traveling out of town again, consider these useful tips given by Arian Azarbar, a real estate mogul who travels on a regular basis:

Arian Azarbar, real estate mogul — balancing your diet should not include the airplane food that is low on quality nutrition.

Eat Healthy

While traveling it can be extremely tempting to overindulge, but consuming heavy meals can weigh you down mentally and physically. Instead, opt for fresh produce and lean protein as much as possible. If traveling with a colleague, split more indulgent desserts or entrée. Or, request a half-order when you are by yourself. Also, it is a smart idea to limit the amount of alcoholic beverage you drink, as those calories quickly add up.

As real estate mogul/interior designer Arian Azarbar says, it can be hard to balance out your diet when you eat airplane food.

Keep Hydrated

On your flight, drink as much water as possible, instead of having a glass of wine. Use an interactive airport map you can find on a mobile app and locate a store nearest the gate and buy the largest water there.

While on a flight, many experts advise drinking eight ounces of water each hour and one ounce for each pound of body weight otherwise.

Pack Snacks

Most people will agree that airplane food tastes horrible and not considered healthy. To ensure that you do eat healthy, pack your own snacks for your flight as well as throughout your trip. Make your own trail mix — it contains fiber, protein, and fits easily in a handbag or in a jacket pocket. If you forget to pack snacks or run out, check for any convenience stores near your hotel.

When you’re a busy and successful international businessman, like Arian Azarbar, it is hard to get enough vitamins and minerals. Consider packing some homemade pan-roasted veggies for your trip to try to make up for some of what you missed.

Arian Azarbar — make use of your downtime wile on a business trip, and ask the concierge about how you can workout.

Keep Active

It can be very difficult to find the motivation and time to work out while on business trip. Ask the concierge to map out a quick run or swim laps at your hotel. Many hotels offer their guests complimentary classes.

If you are like Arian Azarbar, you understand how challenging it can be to stay in shape when you travel often for work. Call ahead to your hotel to ask about work out rooms or any gyms nearby.


Arian Azarbar often travels for his work & philanthropic initiatives.

Spending many hours on a plane is never good on the body. While seated, try some movements or stretches. If you are consuming the recommended amount of water, you will likely visit the lavatory more than once, which is excellent for keeping your blood circulating. Also, when you arrive at your hotel, be sure to take a few minutes to really stretch.

Get Sleep

While away, it is important that you get enough sleep so you are able to perform well. When traveling this can sometimes be quite difficult. To help you wind down, consider reading a book instead of channel surfing or using your laptop. Since you are likely not getting high quality sleep while seated on the airplane, it is imperative that you acquire as much quality sleep as possible as soon as you check into your hotel room.