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Buying $ARIA20 — The Definitive Guide

Arianee has been hitting its stride recently. Brands upon brands have been joining the Arianee Project Association and we have many more to announce in 2022. For the current list, you can head here. We also launched web3’s first fully decentralized community platform SPKZ to truly build upon the tenets of blockchain based communication and connection. And all the while, our brave little coin, the $ARIA20, has been tagging along for the fun.

January marked the launch of the $ARIA20 Staking Program. It’s been exciting and rewarding to give our community new ways of engaging with the token. But if you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering how to participate in the action, and that action starts with the $ARIA20.

All the places to buy the $ARIA20

There are a few places to accomplish this, depending on your strategy.

DEX Route

The Swap is the quickest and easiest way to get a hold of $ARIA20. Not only can you swap with the tokens of your choice, but you can immediately stake afterwards.

If you are looking for something more familiar, Uniswap is the way to go. Tried and true. Here’s our UniSwap buying guide.

Gas fees killing you? You can always head to Quickswap and trade for Quick or fiat. This takes a few more steps, but we have a guide for Quickswap as well!

CEX Route

The $ARIA20 is also listed on Bittrex Global with a BTC and USD pair. If you are in search specifically for a fiat onramp, Bittrex is currently the only option. If you’re interested in why we chose Bittrex as our first centralized exchange, here’s our article on just that.

But no matter how you buy and hodl $ARIA20, the most important thing is that you do!

And once you are a proud holder, jump into the Arianee Lounge on SPKZ and say hello to your fellow Arianee frens.



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