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3 benefits of stable coins

High volatility of cryptocurrencies can generate great profits, but at the same time, it carries a great risk of price fluctuations. If you’re familiar with #DeFi, you’ve probably heard the term liquidity providing. Today, DeFi is developing rapidly by developers around the world, providing liquidity between stable coins and earning interest rates (which can be said to be close to interest rates). This time, let’s think about the advantages of using stable coins.

Benefits of stable coins

There are 3 main advantages of stable coins. Since both are the functions that “currency” and “money” have essentially, it may be that virtual currencies are finally beginning to have such functions.

Stability price

Stable coina can solve the problem of high volatility of cryptocurrencies, which has been pointed out for a long time.

Legal tender-backed stable coins are so close to legal tender that they can be described as “legal tender existing in the blockchain”, so if we can gain more trust from the market in the future, we will feel like existing currencies. Stable coins will be available. It includes not only means for settlement and remittance, but also deposits and storage of funds with stable coins.

Asset defense

It is important for you not only to increase their wealth, but also to protect it. Rather than holding assets solely in legal tender or financial products, holding them in a diversified manner leads to risk management. Once price stability is achieved, stable coins could be included as one of the asset options for diversification.

If you are making a profit from cryptocurrency trading, you can make a profit by exchanging it with stable coins rather than holding a cryptocurrency in a state where you do not know when it will crash again.

All of these benefits come from the stable value of stable coins. Dolpegg’s stable coins have virtually the same effect as holding US dollars, so the flow of buying stable coins as part of asset defense may expand further in the future.

Legal tender alternative

When virtual currencies were born, one of the main purposes was to improve the convenience of international payments. Cryptocurrencies, which exist on the blockchain, which is a global network, and have no concept of borders or exchange between legal tenders, are very convenient and low cost for international payments and overseas remittances.

Due to the fluctuation of the value of virtual currency, there was an aspect that it was difficult to use the original function, but stable coin can solve that problem.

It is common to use a mechanism called SWIFT, which is an international network, for overseas remittance, but even with SWIFT, it takes several days to complete the remittance, so virtual currency that can be completed instantly, among which stable coins with stable value Convenience will increase.

Yes, I’ve been in the trade business for 16 years before, and it can take up to 7 days from shipping to payment. This is very deadly for a company without big funds. Because we have to pay 100% to ship the goods. If you use stable coins for payment, the payment will be completed immediately, so you will be able to solve such cases.


As mentioned above, stable coins have 3 advantages: stable price, asset defense and fiat currency alternatives, and this market is expanding further.

ARIES FINANCIAL has an asset pool called USDT-BUSD_LP. It can earn LP_token by providing liquidity to Biswap and can collect more stable coins when you want to claim your liquidity. In addition, you will receive native token called $AFIB token, so you will be able to provide $AFIB-WBNB into the liquidity farm.

So how can you increase LP_token? You probably had the question. In fact, smart contracts are used here too, and smart contracts are triggered when certain conditions are touched and automatically execute Auto-compounding investment strategies. (Click here for a simulation of the automatic compound interest strategy)

You don’t have to open your PC and manually repeat deposits every few hours as smart contracts enforce your auto-compound strategy.

Currently, ARIES FINANCIAL stable coin operation is between APY 20–30%. If you don’t want to provide liquidity by yourself, use Zap. (about Zap) You can start Yield Farming in 1 min!

Let’s try Yield Farming for the first time!
This is a revolutionary advance and there is still space for development.


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