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ARIES FINANCIAL / Binary Option official launch on BSC

Hey DeFi trader! Aries Financial has just launched the Binary Option functionality within the platform, so you can now start earning $AFIB tokens by forecasting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) prices on a short term basis.

Feel free to browse through this brief step by step tutorial to experience for yourself how easy binary trading works on, an intuitive and completely user-friendly DeFi environment for both professionals and amateur traders within the Binance Smart Chain.

Not yet familiar with the Binance Smart Chain? Don’t panic, we promise you will understand exactly how it works and how to start operating on BSC in a flash.


You are probably aware of traditional Binance blockchain, with BNB as BEP token used to operate on the network. Moreover and parallelly, another additional chain has recently been created, called Binance Smart Chain, compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and running parallely with Binance Chain, supporting BEP20 instead BEP tokens.

As a practical requirement, the most important consideration is that you should be adding BSC within your web3 wallet, for this purpose, you only need to create an additional channel to the Ethereum mainnet containing the Binance Smart Chain parameters.

Keep in mind both chains stand as independent of each other, therefore each one requires its respective crypto in order to execute operations on their respective chains, in this sense ETH is used on the Mainnet and on the other hand BNB on the Smart Chain.

$AFIB Smart Chain contract: 0xC6bfcf0469a74b36c070b807162fFcbF7B0a1103

Let’s start forecasting!

Awesome, you’re now ready to use the Smart Chain, the next step will just lay groundwork for landing on Binary Option.

At the moment you can predict BTC and ETH prices but more currencies are to include shortly, Aries Financial would be glad to involve the community , so feel free to express your suggestions on social media regarding upcoming features.

How many $AFIB tokens do you require?

You can bet from 1 to 100 $AFIB using either your Binary Trading balance or your web3 wallet containing a few BNB in order to pay the Smart Chain network fees.






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