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How to get started yield farming in 1 min?

Today I will explain how to easily use Yield Farming using Zapping.

Convert your tokens to LP_Token.

Zap is a feature found in early Yearn.Finance, which is to swap single asset such as #BNB #ETH #BTCB or #CAKE to depositable assets, or to LP_Token. This feature is free to use. (You have to pay gas fee.)

With this feature, users visit Pancakeswap, Wault Finance and JetSwap, bother to calculate your assets, swap in half to provide liquidity, receive LP_Token and return to ARIES FINANCIAL for deposit. Is no longer necessary.

I will introduce it because it is a very good function.


  1. Single token such as #BNB in Metamask.
  2. Check the asset pool you want to invest in. There are various ways to refer to APR or find your favorite project.
  3. You can see the details of the asset pool in Detail.
  4. The important thing here is what is the name of Farm? Remember this name. You will select it later when you “Zap”.
In this case, Farm name is “JetSwap”

Okay, So Let’s zap it.


Current strategy is 96% of profit and burn $AFIB. It deposited the JetSwap’s Farm and sells the received reward ($ WINGS), swap to BNB, and use this BNB in the secondary market to buyback $AFIB. Platforms benefit only 4%. Always buyback $AFIB in the secondary market can be expected to be deflated.


You have #BNB and want to make a deposit into #WBNB-BTCB asset pool for Yield Farming.

This asset pool utilizes Farm in Jetswap. Now let’s use Zap to provide the liquidity of this pair.

Select Jetswap in the upper right window, select your asset (BNB) on the left, and select WBNB-BTCB on the right.

Easy, huh?

Is it like the this image? By the way, you can easily add this LP_Token to Metamask by clicking + on the right.

Click “Zap”.

Zap it.
It is such a transaction.

Click Zap to launch Metamask. Click Confirm to approve the Transaction. If approved, it will be displayed as Balance. (If it is not displayed, reload the page.)

You’ll be able to see your balance in balance.


Click Farm to make a deposit. Click Max and then Deposit to launch Metamask. Click Confirm and approve.

Click “Deposit”.

If you make a successful deposit, you will start receiving rewards.

You’ll be able to see your reward here.

Your rewards will grow as if the crop grows. Please harvest when you grow up well.

How about that? Do you know that you can easily start?

Next, how to harvest and explain how to use Zap to swap AFIB to another token.


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