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What is ARIES FINANCIAL? Who we are?

DeFi operations are becoming more complex, and some users may be giving up on this opportunity because they have no idea what they are doing.

It can be said that it is relatively easy to set up a platform compared to a centralized exchange. You could also build a community, issue tokens, prepare rewards and make big waves.

However, the current operation of DeFi often feels very complicated to be honest.

  1. Providing dual liquidity on PCS
  2. Receive LP_token on Metamask and deposit the LP_token into the platform such as ARIES FINANCIAL.
  3. Claim your rewards and swap it on PCS,

This is the basic flow of DeFi (or LP_farming).

You have to get used to it as the saying goes, “get used to it rather than learn it.” Fortunately, every platform has tutorials written on GitBook, so it’s actually easy to get started with Yield Farming.

Yeah How many people have I seen who don’t start because it’s not difficult and it’s really annoying?

We launch Aries on 17th April. Yes it’s 2nd month birthday:

I am a person on the platform called ARIES FINANCIAL. It may seem strange to users familiar with #DeFi, but we operate this protocol as a company. The operation of the current protocol is undertaken by us and is not sufficiently distributed. Governance will be gradually dispersed in the future to create a better ecosystem.

We also released the stable coin #Yield Farming on #ETH at the end of last year. It became completely unusable due to gas fees. After that, we migrated to the current #BSC.

We recognize that in-house development does not end with #BSC. In near future, transactions will be faster, cheaper and more secure networks will emerge. New launch information can be found quickly by joining Twitter and the community.


Next time, let’s talk about how to get started Yield Farming.

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