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How to “Zap out” and swap $AFIB to $BUSD?

You have provided liquidity to the ARIES FINANCIAL LP_FARM and received the incentive $AFIB.

This time, I will explain how to swap $AFIB to stable coins.

When you provide liquidity to one of the Farms, you can earn $AFIB. You can see the AFIB earned by your deposited LP_Token by clicking the dashboard or detail of each Farm.

Once you’ve received enough rewards, try Harvest. The $AFIB received with this reward can be sold on Pancakeswap. If you are Bullish to $AFIB, you can also provide more liquidity to the Farm of WBNB-AFIB LP with BNB by using Zap again!!

Click Harvest to bring up Metamask, click Confirm. Please check the gas fees before approving the Transaction. Normally 5 Gwei is OK, 5 Gwei is sufficient, but 10 Gwei can be used to execute high-speed transactions. (In that case, a lot of Gas fee will be charged.)

When the transaction executed, you can see your $AFIB on your wallet.

Okay, Now you ready for “Zapping out”.

Set up

$AFIB is currently swappable with Pancakeswap V2.

  1. Choose PCS V2.
  2. Select $AFIB in the left window.
  3. Select the swapped token in the right window. Well, let’s swap to $BUSD this time.

You can choose like this if you want to do exactly the same thing as I do.

AFIB prices can be found here. Currently trading at 0.084 BUSD, 131 AFIB is around $ 11. (Actually, Price Impact and fees will be charged.)

When you’re ready, click Zap to Approve Wallet and Approve Transaction. It may take some time, so wait a moment.

When the transaction executed and open Metamask, you received 10.996 BUSD. Since it was 11 BUSD in the previous calculation, you swap to BUSD almost as calculated.

How was it?
Using Zap out, you swap out to BUSD without visiting Pancakeswap.

Make DeFi Easy is our mission.

Stay tuned for next article!


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