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Tip : How do you manage your private Keys?

I wrote “Tip : How do you protect your assets?(1)” last time.

How to manage private keys today and what are private keys? I will explain that in an easy-to-understanding. First of all, let’s read this and make sure that it is stored properly.

What is a private key?

First of all, I will write it conceptually rather than technically.
”If known, someone can move your assets anywhere”
“Without that key, no matter how much money you have, you can’t do anything.”
“If someone else knows, it’s like knowing the secret code of the safe.”

Must not be known except you, no one can restore without it.

1. Manage only with metamask

Metamask is actually used by many users.

You may have forgotten the first 12 English words that came up and logged in and managed with just metamask.

This is dangerous.

Your property will be lost forever just because Google Chrome crashes first.

Be sure to save it in an encrypted state on a location other than the same computer. (Note that when encrypting, it is recommended to do it in an environment that is not connected to the network because you do not know where it is being viewed or tracked.)

2. Managed only by the software wallet of the smartphone

You might manage it using a “software wallet that can be used on so-called smartphones such as TrustWallet!”

I think there are many people who say that.

However, this alone is dangerous. Just losing your smartphone will permanently lose your property.

In other words, a bad person inside may have implemented a program to extract the private key of the smartphone wallet. Keep in mind that software wallets (including metamask) are useful, but dangerous in terms of management.

5. Manage your wallet with just one

When operating DeFi, you are afraid of the collateral rate, or if you process something with a small amount, you will lose the gas bill, so are you doing everything with one wallet?

This is also dangerous.

Basically, it is desirable to operate separately for one purpose and one address.

I divide by Dapps, divide by platform, and use about 10 accounts (Of course, if the number increases, there is a risk, so it is a case by case, but it is distributed rather than concentrated on one Let’s start L2 and the gas bill will settle down.)


First of all, please be careful about these two.

① First of all, it is important whether you can create it in an offline environment. Create your private key offline. Also, copy / paste etc. may be logged to the server at that time. be careful.

(2) Even if it is not a new computer, it may be better to manage it with a new hardware wallet. It is a new one. (Wallets made on devices with spyware may be taken)


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