The ‘Goodbye’ Sex

His lips slightly grazed the lower part of my neck while his fingers skilfully explored my body. I liked the way his slim fingers did wonders to my body with such mastery and the way his hard upper body was pressed against mine only made me crave him more. The feeling was both overwhelming and exhilarating.

He slowly and carefully released my right earlobe from between his teeth and he started sucking it teasingly. I could feel a sexy combination of teeth, lips and tongue and they all sent sparks of passion down my spine. He began to suck and nibble faster on my flesh but at that moment, I didn’t mind. Every fiber of my being craved the sex god that towered above me.

In turn, I responded with a moan that seemed to fill the space of the room. When he was done nibbling and sucking on my flesh, he cupped my face in his hands and looked at me in one fluid motion. His hazel eyes were fixed on mine and it seemed like he was searching and digging deeper into the depth of my soul. The more his eyes were fixed on mine, the more naked and vulnerable I felt in his presence.

‘You’re beautiful’ those were the three words that still reverberates in me making me feel safe and at ease.

‘I love you Adrian’ I heard myself say in between moans and bursts of air from my partially closed lips.

As if by instinct, his lips found its way into mine again and this time it aroused more intense emotions in me. The way they perfectly fit into mine amazed me; it was as though they had always been there, like an extension of me. After long minutes of tongue locking and exploring, we broke apart and I gasped for air.

He trailed a couple of heart melting kisses down my Adam’s apple to the part of my neck just above my collar bones and he stopped there to give me one last kiss. While he kissed and caressed the exposed part of my skin with one hand, he undid the buttons of my shirt with the other. I was surprised at how quickly he undressed me because all I had on were a nice pair of Calvin Klein briefs which he bought for me on my birthday.

I looked down and to my utter surprise, my fully erect dick was pressing against the briefs threatening to burst out any minute. My heart raced faster when he looked down at my little wonder and a smile played on his lips. I could tell he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

‘I’m about to give you the best feeling you’ve ever had’ he said assuredly and all I could do was bite my lips and nod.

Before I knew it, his teeth already found their way to the top of my briefs as he slightly tugged and played with the elastic band above. He securely held my small frame in his hands as he rolled his tongue against the area of skin just below my belly button. The feeling was so sensual and intense that I didn’t want him to stop.

He pulled down my briefs slowly and skilfully and kissed my pubic region as he did so. He finally undressed me and I could see my hard dick standing firm and erect waiting for him to touch me. First, he cupped my dick in his right hand securing it firmly in his soft grip. Then he used the other hand to mold and squeeze my butt cheek and in response, I parted my legs wider, submitting my body and soul to him.

He started with his tongue, trailing a line of pleasure from the top to the base of my dick then he started sucking on the tip. He tightened his lips around my now too sensitive tip and his tongue circled a pattern around my craving and burning flesh.

‘Please don’t stop’ I said in between gasps and moans of pure and intense pleasure.

His lips rolled down slowly down my length and I was all inside him before I knew what was happening. The feel of his tongue and lips on my skin was so satisfying and it was indeed the best feeling of my entire life.

He sucked in a particular rythm that was just right and my hips responded to it. My trembling hands found their way to his head and I played and slightly tugged at his silky soft hair as he continued sucking. He increased his pace and I gripped the sheets below me in response to the utterly amazing feeling of nothing but tongue and lips. I felt something erupt in my insides and it was like a dozen butterflies were fluttering in me.

‘I’m ab-bout to cum’ I hear myself say as the synchronization of his tongue, hands and lips slowly made me reach my peak.

At last, I exploded in his warm mouth and I felt a mixture of saliva and sticky hot fluid. He stopped sucking to swallow every single drop of cum on my throbbing dick and he kissed the tip of my dick, like a closing act which made me shiver.

‘I love you so much Clay, I really do’ he said.

‘I love you too’ I responded and grabbed him for another last mouth-watering goodbye kiss.

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