The Power of Music

A Reflection


an enigma wrapped in an enigma

you can be noise or wisdom

you can heal or cause distress

you have power to kill and to save

to heal and hurt

to establish peace and aggrandize war

to nurture love and tear it from its roots

you carry more power than our human minds can fathom

you are boundless, limitless, and timeless

you minister to things below the surface

something deeper

something unknown but yet known

something known but not understood

something that cries out for attention, but is greeted with loud silence

something drowned out by the noise in this world

you have been our congenital gift

but you are a weapon wielded only by great storytellers

you demand respect but are given none

only a few know of your powers

and those of them that tap into it are radically transformed

you release the unexpected

you have more influence than recognized

you are multifaceted

you speak to people of all ages

you are an invaluable resource

but when used recklessly, you become non-renewable

you tell the tale of ages past and transcend the boundaries of realms

dear music

you are truly an unsung hero

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