Introducing Project RISE

May 10, 2020 · 2 min read
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What happens when self-driven people from diverse backgrounds and a shared lifelong learning mindset cross paths? Inclusive innovations with a focus on sustainability, such as Project RISE, come to life. Project RISE stands for Raising Inclusive Skills and Employment of the visually challenged students. It is being carried forward by the synergy of a group of college students led by Bhavika Kohli, a supporting educational institution of Indraprastha College for Women, and a dedicated non-profit organization of ARISE Impact.

The project’s inception goes to Bhavika Kohli’s epiphany, who was then a second year Economics major at Indraprastha College and volunteer at ARISE Impact. Realizing that the programs run by ARISE Impact could cater to the needs of the visually challenged students studying in her own college, she conducted a pilot project in 2018. As a result, thirty-one students were impacted, out of which five final-year students secured placements.

Now with the support of the Principal Dr. Babli Moitra Saraf, Project RISE is a college level project taken by the joint initiative of Equal Opportunity Cell (EOC) and Enabling Unit of Indraprastha College for Women and ARISE (Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education) Impact. A team of twelve student volunteers are working as community engagement leads under the mentorship of Dr. B.R. Alamelu, coordinator of Enabling Unit, Ms. Dolly Jain, Convenor of EOC, as well as ARISE Impact team, namely Mr. Abhishek Syal, the founder of ARISE Impact, and Mr. Srikanth Raviprasad, Director of Products and Services.

The main objective of Project RISE is to empower the visually challenged students with a skill set to enhance their employability and ultimately their self-sufficiency. Special Education Modules (SEMs) are the user-centric, bilingual, and professional training courses taught in workshops to promote self-learning among the visually challenged students. For example, some of the topics covered include Professional Introduction, Personality Development and Resume Building.

The team is actively working towards building their networks and partnerships, forming close ties with employers to hiring our trained college students with disabilities, and collaborating with other institutions and colleges across Delhi. If you would like to join the initiative, please feel free to contact . Let us work together to make an impact in our community.

ARISE Impact

Empowering self-learning for the differently-abled through…

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