Resume building and opening doors to opportunities for the people with disabilities: Resume Review Services at ARISE Impact

Narmeen Shigri
Jul 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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Crafting a stand out resume can be an exhausting process for anyone looking for employment. The amount of hard work needed to create the perfect resume can be somewhat tedious, we know. But, a resume is the first step to helping YOU get the job of your dreams.

A well-structured and tailored resume increases your chances of getting job interviews or meetings, while helping to eliminating dubiety and diffidence, enabling you to move forward towards your dream job.

Here are some ideas for young people with disabilities to help build a first resume:

  • Volunteer experience can show a future employer that you are willing to learn and give back to society.
  • School work experiences are also helpful to build up your resume, especially if you are involved in work programs etc.
  • Including extracurricular activities can showcase your work ethic and special skills you can bring to a new job.
  • Attending career fairs will help you have a broad idea on job hunting and what suits best for you.

At ARISE Impact, we believe in empowering people with disabilities and creating paths for you to feel confident and trust themselves. We aim to deliver the best Resume Review Service, as we fully understand what is needed to create a top-notch resume. Our personalized service provides you with an opportunity to enhance your resume with a thorough review and recommendations from career professionals, enabling people with disabilities to stay empowered through the job hunt.

“This opens them up to explore and teach themselves new concepts — a much needed skill in an ever-changing business world.” ARISE Impact

For further details on our Resume Review Service, please visit the website and sign up now !

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