Volunteers at ARISE Impact : The benefits of volunteering and obtaining happiness

Narmeen Shigri
Jun 5, 2018 · 4 min read

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchill

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Volunteering helps you evolve as an individual and takes you to a world of unlimited opportunities. The significance of volunteerism advances when one truly understands the meaning of giving back to society and expresses their desire to support diverse communities around the globe.

What is Volunteering?
“A person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service and help those in need.” Infact, it is an approach considered by an individual to work towards creating a tranquil, better society.

The benefits of volunteering are enormous, and a life changing experience. What we know is what we give, and hence the room for improvement both professionally and personally advances when we work towards our volunteer goals and overall mission.

As a volunteer myself, my life revolves around on how to better my volunteer work and to be empathetic towards communities in need. It led me to explore the realities of this world and to understand how a small contribution can lead to big change. There is always a way to give, support and cherish others; as volunteers at ARISE Impact, we are committed to our cause and working towards a better future.

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Volunteers at ARISE Impact are determined and ambitious to empower change within themselves and the society.

Our volunteers are always engaged in their tasks and delivering their best work. We came together in an understanding and commitment to sharing our ARISE Impact volunteer journey with the world.

Volunteering Can Transform Lives -

Our charismatic Associate Director, Srikanth Raviprasad, shares his volunteer journey at ARISE Impact and talks about how volunteering can transform our lives.

“As I celebrate my one-year anniversary at ARISE Impact, I am proud to look back at what I believe is one of the most cherishing learning experiences in my professional life. My journey at ARISE Impact started off as an opportunity for me to explore my personal and people leadership skills, while also developing a broad perspective about life. I started working as a Content User Experience [UX] Lead in a team of about 10 volunteers who welcomed me and provided a strong pillar for my growth which I still stand on today. My role exposed me to the front end of user experience, services and field operations and the back end of researching and developing content for our users with disabilities. I spend about 20+ hours a week at ARISE Impact in addition to my day job, making many great friends at ARISE Impact, who I am sure will remain so for the rest of my life. Our enthusiastic team is always working to give our users the best learning experience to bring about a positive change in the disability community. Our team and even our users are always enthusiastic about the work we do.”

The message is clear that volunteering doesn’t only help you in developing your professional life, but it also helps form a positive outlook to achieve happiness and the satisfaction from your contributions.

Volunteering Gives Us a Sense of Community -

One of our recently joined volunteers, Kshitij Reshabonia, User Acquisition Lead, talks about his role at ARISE Impact, and how it has created an impact on his life.

“I was in the middle of my gap year and being a workaholic before, I started to miss the excitement of completing a task and seeing your effort take shape into reality. So, I registered on the United Nations Online Volunteering platform where I learnt about ARISE Impact. I had two objectives of volunteering with ARISE Impact. On a professional level, I was looking to learn and apply what I have learnt in the Digital Marketing space while also learning to be more empathetic towards others. When I started working, I was sometimes surprised at how a group of people who all held a day job or were studying, could accomplish so much by volunteering towards a common goal. But soon it became clear to me, the culture and the team had made it possible. There is so much positivity with the work and interactions that you don’t mind spending so much of your time here. For example, our weekly team call starts off with shout outs — appreciation for the job well done during week. Just this simple 5-minute activity feels so rewarding that you’re motivated to work even better the next week.”

Kshitij also highlights the importance of volunteering and how we can benefit by supporting in any way possible.

“Apart from developing professional skills, you’ll become part of a wonderful family that radiates positivity. Be it the work, the team calls or just discussions with a team member, the time I’ve spent with ARISE Impact has definitely made me a better individual and I’m proud to have been associated with it.”

It takes a team to make sure we give people with disabilities the best learning experience for better employability outcomes. Check out the ARISE Impact Team here and Sign Up here to become a part of our team.

For more information, visit our website at http://www.ariseimpact.org/ or contact us at contact@ariseimpact.org

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