Announcing Tango Support For AR.js

And a clarification about AR.js and how it handles tracking.

We are happy to announce that AR.js supports tango! It means your AR.js application can now run without any markers!

Thanks to AR.js cross-platform, the same code that runs on tango also runs with other tracking backends. AR.js handles the heavy lifting for you, and your apps will work automatically on all supported tracking methods!

Let me take this opportunity to clarify how AR.js handles multiple tracking backends.

AR party in the kitchen with AR.js and Tango!!!

AR.js and How it Handles Tracking.

AR.js started with a single tracking method, and some people got confused thinking AR.js was ‘only ugly old markers stuff’. Let me try to clarify how AR.js handles, not one, but different types of tracking.

AR.js supports multiple tracking backends. Currently, it supports two of them: one is marker based using pure web tech, and the other one is tango. ARKit support is being implemented and should be available before its public release.

So to summarise

  • If you use a tango device, AR.js provides tango tracking.
  • If you use a normal phone, AR.js provides pure-web tracking.
  • If you use an ios device, AR.js will provide arkit tracking.

When it comes to tracking methods, the goal is to provide the best tracking available on your phone, no matter which phone you have 😄

Video of AR.js using Tango

Why Pure Web Tracking is Key ?

Pure web-tracking is still supported and I think this is key for AR!

Marker based AR requires markers, by definition, and yes! This may be an inconvenient. But marker-based AR is very fast, so it can run on phones using web standards. AR.js runs at 60fps even on 2 years old phones! Using web standards has 2 very strong advantages:

  • Your AR can run on any phone with a browser: android, ios and windows mobile
  • It doesn’t require people to download and install an application.

So your AR application can reach a lot more users. Your AR content can be seen on most phones on the market. Meaning that you are not limited to only tango supported (Lenovo) or ios devices for users to experience AR!

Additionally your users have faster access to your AR because they don’t have to install the app. Many users just won’t do it (e.g “I don’t want to wait for download. I don’t want to use storage space on my phone. It’s gonna ask me for permissions” etc..)


We want you to go out there and play around with the different tracking methods supported by AR.js! It’s up to you, you can use tango, pure web tech, and in a few weeks, even an iPhone.

Innovation and exciting things are just around the corner. It is definitely a good time to be part of the AR world!