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In late 2017 I began to get to reading books and a habit that I really missed.

My reading preferences

  • I still prefer to hold my book feel the paper while I read so I tend to like hardcovers if and when available
  • Naval Ravikant recommends that its ok to not to finish books and not feel guilty about it and move on to other ones. This has largely helped me read more books
  • I do read multiple books at a time
  • Goodreads app is great way to keep track of ones reading
  • For 2019 I hope to read 24 books — 4 down 20 more to go.
  • My twitter thread of books.

Here is a quick list of books that I have read and recommend. This page is also a work in progress.

Life & thinking

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Thoughts on Startups, Products, Mobile & More.

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Arjun Ram

Arjun Ram

Operator & Product leader. Helped Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Citadel build businesses & delightful products. 2x Startup founder. Dog Lover and a dad!

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