Learning to Surf — a Mindset practice

Arjun Kalburgi
Mar 16, 2019 · 2 min read

Recently I went surfing for the first time ever
(in India no less ➡ about my trip). It was awesome.

I signed up for the 8am beginners class and made my way to the beach. What followed was a phenomenal practice in Growth Mindset.

There were 2 other girls that took the beginner class with me. They were able to to stand on the board after a couple of tries (we were each paired with an instructor that would help push the board and all we were practicing was being able to stand up and get balanced).

But I couldn’t stand on the board until 10 minutes left in the 2 hour class.

I fell so many times.

After every fall I’d ask my instructor what did I do wrong? He would tell me, and I would try again.

At one point he’s said “bro one more and we’ll take a break”, to which I said “fuck breaks! I’m getting this shit.”

In 2 hours, the other two girls were able to stand like 70 times. I was only able to stand 4 times.

But it ended in the best way, my instructor looks at his watch and told me it’s going to be the last one.

I get on the board.

I stand.

I balance.

And I rode the wave all the way to the shore.

It was awesome.

Even though I kept failing, it wasn’t frustrating at all. I kept thinking about Mindset and what it means to fail. I put so much effort into concentrating and observing what I was doing so when my instructor told me what I was doing wrong I knew exactly what he was talking about. It was so awesome to force myself to learn.

And most importantly, I had so much fun. 100% would do it all over again.

Also interesting, everyone at the beach (in Chennai, India) called each other “bro” 😂 I guess surfing culture is universal?

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Arjun Kalburgi

Issa ‘bout growin’ 🍃

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