ARK Desktop Wallet 1.5.0

Rok Černec
Jan 9, 2018 · 4 min read

A new year deserves a new ARK Desktop Wallet update - and ARK’s got you covered with a brand new version including a bunch of new features, UI improvements, bugs fixed and enhancements! One of the biggest UI improvements is a new, more user friendly way of voting and un-voting delegates.

New Download available at:

Or simply update via the ARK Desktop Client by clicking on ‘New Version Available’ located on the upper left portion of the wallet when loading up the client.

At this point, we’d like to give a HUGE thank you to all of the ARK community developers, who spend month after month helping to find bugs, implementing new features, and lending a helping hand to our core developers. You’re all doing amazing work for the ecosystem! Now, let’s go over the changes.


Delegate Vote Refactor

One of the biggest UI improvements has been the redesign on the voting window for voting and un-voting delegates. When you are already voting for a delegate, now you will see a nice “unvote” button on the right side with the “vote” button disabled.

New voting window lets you know that you aren’t voting for anyone yet, along with a long to blog post explaining how to vote
Clicking on vote bring you voting window where you can select your delegate or write your own
Voting button will be disabled if you are already voting for a delegate, on the right side you will see unvoting button if you’d like to change your vote
Clicking on remove vote will bring you on a popup window

Validate BIP39 passphrase when importing account

When importing your 12 word passphrase (or other BIP39 variants) it will check for validity of your passphrase and let you know if there are errors in your passphrase. If you are using custom passphrase, you have an option to turn off the validity checker.

Validate the recipient address in send dialog

When sending ARK to another ARK address, the desktop client performs a checksum of the ARK address on the go, so you will know if the address is a valid ARK address. It won’t prevent sending to a NEO address since they are using the same address format, but it will check if a NEO address has any balance and remind you this might be a NEO wallet address. If that address is invalid it will ask you if you’d rather send to another addresses.

Trying to send to an invalid ARK address
Trying to send back to yourself will bring up this message
Sending to an address that has never had any transactions will bring up this message

Get all transactions when exporting account

Exporting account now lets you export all your transactions in CSV file - no longer limited to just 50 as in the previous version - along with an option to select a start and end date range to export.

Adding BTC / FIAT toggle on main dashboard

A quick switch from your selected FIAT currency to BTC has been added to the main dashboard.


  • 4 new languages added: Czech, Croatian, Norwegian Nynorsk and Persian.
  • Show the label of the account on the menu and the sending ARK dialog.
  • Refactoring code and adding some more unit tests.
  • Unifying passphrase input in the whole app.
  • Call currency rates API periodically.
  • Provide feedback when user refreshes account.
  • Make ARK values in transaction tab selectable.
  • Adding basic empty state component.
  • Hides the window on Mac OS using Cmd+H.
  • Add confirmation to warn user of the cost of second passphrase.
  • Ignore middle-button clicks and refactor external links.
  • Use filters amountToCurrency and formatCurrency.

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Move utility functions to utility services.
  • Fix wrong display of amount in transaction list.
  • Unit tests now work on windows.
  • Fix multiple bugs with fees & refactor.
  • Account label filter moved to filters.js.
  • Moved toastService into copy directive.
  • Fixes add delegate mddialog error.
  • Fixes couldn’t set selectedTextBackgroundColor.
  • Fixed income/expense labels in contact info.
  • No more vertical scrollbar when this menu is open.
  • Fix toggling BTC didn’t change market to btc value.
  • Remove the Changer service completely.
  • Fix that QR scanner doesn’t work correctly for ‘To’ field.
  • Doesn’t scroll to top of transactions on refresh fixes.
  • Add border to QR Code on ‘dark theme’.
  • Adapt the width of the transaction amount to deal with language support.

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