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ARK Team Is Expanding — Looking For Core Developers

With the ever increasing workload on current development (Core, SDKs, PoCs, etc) and upcoming projects in development (AIP 11, Desktop Wallet v2, ArkVM, Push Button Blockchain, IPFS, etc) it has become evident that we need to expand our team and bring in some fresh coders.

The ARK Crew is looking for pure back-end/core developers who are not scared when they hear terms such as Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Finite-state machine, SHA-256, Elliptic-curve cryptography, Turing completeness, Merkle tree, Bloom filters, etc… In short, to have an understanding of cryptography and P2P networks.

We don’t discriminate in any way, shape or form. All we are looking for is someone prepared to work hard, respect others, have knowledge of some of the terms above and enjoy working as a core developer (but will still respect our front-end developers :) ).

If you like to work on open source projects, love core development and want to be a part of the team that puts actual development before everything, doesn’t make promises they can’t keep and like to be honest and humble. Then being an ARK developer might be the job for you.

We are looking for long term, full-time collaboration and not seasonal workers.

What programming languages, tools and other skills do I need to possess?

Required Skills:

  • Development: JavaScript ES6 (NodeJS)
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Cryptography: ECDSA, basic understanding of how to work with raw binary data
  • Networking: basic understanding of P2P networking and protocols
  • Tools: Git
  • SysAdmin: basic console magic (servers, deploying, running)

Bonus (not requirement):

  • Development: Solidity, C, C++
  • Database: LevelDB
  • Networking : higher level of P2P protocols knowledge, pen-testing
  • Virtual Machines: eVM

You will also need to be able to follow modern development standards and best practices. For example, coding standards (dependant on language), versioning standards, commit standards and test suites (If it isn’t tested its broken :) ).

Who is this job for?

  • Those who like their workplace freedom — we don’t care if you work from your couch or from a beach sippin’ Martinis, as long as you are comfortable and deliver, we are happy.
  • Those who like to set their own working hours — we don’t care if you work in the mornings, at nights, split time between different sections of the day, all we care is you are prepared to work and prove your skills.
  • Those who like non-corporate environment — casual environment. We won’t require you to wear suits while you work or code, underpants are just fine.
  • Those who can work under stressful situations as well — yes, we won’t lie, sometimes work is stressful when things don’t go the way you want them to be, but remember, we are a team and you are not alone.
  • Those who can take a joke — we like to joke (a lot), it takes off the stress of daily tasks and bonds us even further (memes, emojis and gifs all day!).
  • Those who don’t like to jump from client to client — we are looking for full-time, long term developers, as long as you’ll work hard you’ll have open doors at ARK.
  • Quality over quantity & non-dirty code — we like clean, sleek and easy to understand code that will be easily graspable for those that will be working alongside you and for years to come.
  • Those who are self-incentivized, find work on their own, and don’t wait for everything to be assigned — yeah, we like innovative people, people that think outside the box and don’t just wait for tasks, but can find what to do on their own, we like DOers. We don’t micromanage.

What about salary?

You need to be comfortable being paid in ARK, BTC or combination of both, whatever you prefer. Invoices can be made from our ARK Ecosystem company in France (we don’t care if you are self-employed, freelancer, contractor, you have your own company, … ).

Salary is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I see what I’ll be working on?


Where can I apply?

You can submit your CV or send your bio, experience and previous work done to

P.S. : If you become part of the ARK team, yes you will need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), because we are really awesome, and cannot disclose everything in this blog post.



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