Facebook’s Android UI for Bots

Bots, the Competitor to Apps

The new concept of bots is currently taking the tech world by storm. Companies such as Microsoft, and now Facebook have started developing their own platforms in which bots are created. End users can test this new technology right now from apps such as Skype and Messenger.

Ideally, bots are meant to serve as the middleman between the user and a business, without having to download a separate app. They are created to help the user complete tasks, or serve as reminders for certain instances. We can rely on them as an ecosystem of its very own. Bots have the ability to add an extra layer of interactivity on top of apps that you already use. However, some people can argue whether or not bots can replace apps entirely.

So here is the question:

Are they good enough to replace apps?

Personally, right now as the technology is — bots have not grown to the point where they can be completely independent just yet. Bots still depend on apps to serve as a roof over their head. Give the concept time to grow and be built upon, and eventually they can create their own ecosystem. Major improvements are yet to be made to bots as a whole, suffice to say that artificial intelligence does the right thing, unlike the complete flop of Tay.AI.


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