The Good, the Bad and the Cloud

Gordon Grech
Feb 13, 2020 · 2 min read

Just because we are still in the mood for the Oscars.

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Why do we refer to the cloud as a ‘cloud’? The term originated from the cloud shape used in network diagrams to represent connections between one end and the other. It was used to ‘hide’ the ever so complex - yet quick and efficient - communication, as this was now no longer a question of a clear straight line between two fixed points. Since the very beginning, the cloud has therefore represented connections and communication with the pure aim of making it easier for us to access at any time.

This principle is evidently important in a company and/or organisation set-up. A company which has employees needs a common platform for, at least, the following three reasons: collaboration between the employees, compliance in terms of security and business continuity. Its relevance is hardly argued, but the approaches differ.

One way of tackling this, would be to have an in-house server. This certainly used to be the most popular choice in the past, but is becoming less and less relevant as time goes by. And here is why. In-house servers are expensive, and not so cost-efficient. Reason being that an organisation typically uses a very small fraction of the space available leading to considerable waste of resources. It also requires heavy maintenance and administration and does not guarantee continuous use particularly in the unlucky event of a power-cut.

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In this context, the advantage of using a cloud platform seems evident and relevant to our times. It allows you to use as much space as needed and to choose your own specs. You may scale the service up and down as needed and when needed. It provides back-ups and ensures continuous service anywhere, at any time. With the added benefit that you do not have to manage and administer the cloud platform yourself increasing the efficiency and usability of the service.

The cloud platform eases operation and provides the necessary peace of mind. The matter seems simplified, but it is really what it is.

Unlike the title. We were never really going to discuss movies. It was just to make you read this blog. Mission accomplished!

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