Karel Striegel
Aug 7 · 3 min read

Blockchain gaming is new and exciting but it’s still hard to attract the common player. One major concern is a poor user experience which leads to a drop-off rate of more than 90%! To attract mainstream gamers, some pain points need to be solved first. An issue well understood by 0xGames, a game studio which builds open economy games powered by blockchain.

Arkane is the perfect partner for tackling these UX problems all dapps are facing. By working closely with their experienced development team we help them implement a wallet solution which solves the hurdles they are facing to attract mainstream gamers.

Who is 0xGames

0xGames is a studio with more than 10 years of experience in game development and blockchain technologies. To make the best use of innovative game mechanics, their games are built with multi-blockchain architecture allowing players to use such chains as Ethereum, EOSIO, and Tron simultaneously in an open-economy market.

One of their better-known game titles 0xUniverse, where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets, entered in the top three best rated Dappradar games.

0xUniverse in-game screenshot

They are currently working on 0xRacers, an open-economy racing manager where players get to own their cars, tune them up for better performance with unique auto parts, join epic racing events and profit while playing.

0xRacers in-game screenshot

What Arkane offers 0xGames

  • players don’t require to own a blockchain wallet (TRON, Ethereum, …) (apps can provide one for the player)
  • players are not required to download extra software (browser extensions, dapp browsers, …)
  • browser compatibility
  • the ability to develop for any device (web, desktop, mobile, console)
  • the ability to build a native mobile app (e.g 0xGames just released 0xUniverse for iOS and Android)
  • offer their players multilingual customer support

To learn more about 0xGames, visit their official website.


Arkane Network

The Wallet as a Service that can easily be integrated in any application.

Karel Striegel

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO of Arkane.Network

Arkane Network

The Wallet as a Service that can easily be integrated in any application.

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