Empowering Businesses

The road to developing user-friendly blockchain applications

With a multitude of blockchain wallets now on the crypto-consumer market, Arkane is often mistaken as just another wallet for users to store their various crypto-assets. However, the Arkane Network is vastly more than this single feature alone.

DApp Builder & Ecosystem

Arkane should be more-so thought of as a building block and a master key to a thriving and multi-skilled blockchain network. It is a Wallet-as-a-Service, containing a set of pre-prepared API’s that can be very simply deployed and adapted to equip any business or project with their own quick start DApp, granting access to multiple blockchain ecosystems.


Furthermore, by joining and implementing the Arkane Network into a business or application, all of the businesses clients will automatically be allocated a personal blockchain wallet upon sign up. This eliminates the additional labor needed to develop further complex code so that customers can effortlessly utilize the application’s full services.

For the Wallet User

From a client’s or wallet user’s perspective, Arkane is incredibly simple to operate, as it draws from the familiarity of a traditional bank application with only a 6-digit pin code to unlock access to all assets and all other integrated DApps. Making a payment is as easy as selecting an account or username and entering this 6-digit pin. Also very conveniently, all account activity and assets can be clearly viewed from the one screen.

For the Project Developer

From the back-end or businesses perspective, Arkane’s open integration with various blockchain networks allows them to leverage one another’s DApp features. For example, the ability to use the Etherum Truffle provider for easy smart contract deployment, or to crowdfund or create a crypto-pool with the integration of VeChain which supports the SafeHaven — Thorblock application, etc.

New and existing exchanges, applications, wallets, portfolio trackers and blockchains can all be built upon and strengthened by the Arkane Network, and as a result, become interoperable with another. As the network expands, so too will the limitless possibilities presented by this interconnected and empowering ecosystem.

Bridging the Gap

Arkane API’s empower startups, scale-ups, and corporates to adopt and implement blockchain technology within their current services without requiring in-depth knowledge of the underlying blockchain technology.

This adoption is made even more simple with the recent introduction of Arkane Connect, which removes the need to install third-party browser extensions like Metamask for Ethereum or Comet for VeChain. And since users don’t need to install anything, they can use any browser — even on their smartphone, which automatically makes the DApps mobile friendly.

Head Start Advantage

Without-a-doubt, blockchain will play an important role in the future of FinTech. Thus, by breaking down the barrier to entry for both project developers and users, Arkane will accelerate innovation and allow creators to focus on bringing their ideas to life and optimize their application’s user experience.

See how you can build a user-friendly DApp with zero knowledge using Arkane in this live demo video here.

For more information check out https://Arkane.Network, or have a look at the code examples and quick start in our development portal.

Arkane Network the VeChain desktop wallet
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